Losing real life in reels, get rid of this addiction like this


Ranchi, Manoj Singh : Recently many psychologists have studied the hobby of making reels. Direct Science Magazine has published an article related to this. In this, a study has been done on the psychological impact of making reels in India on the youth. At the same time, Harvard Business Review has released a study on scrolling addiction. Both refer to developing a negative mindset from watching or making too many reels. It has been told in the study that most of the people in India are watching Instagram.

misusing time

The study done on this shows that people are misusing time due to watching reels. Hours go by in its turn and people don’t even get to know. This is affecting their work. People are getting to see the problem of depression. Many times people start finding flaws in themselves after watching the reels. Start comparing yourself with the person in front of you. They start trying to be like the person in front. Apart from this, people themselves also want to make reels. When their reels do not go viral or do not get views, they start feeling angry and irritable. It gradually turns into depression.

Reels came after Tiktok

Reels are a type of short video on Instagram. Initially, these reels used to be of 30 seconds, but now it has been increased to 90 seconds. The trend of reels started when Tiktok was closed in India. As soon as it stopped, people started posting videos on Instagram. There are many types of videos in reels like, informative, funny, motivational, dance etc.

expert talk

It is a kind of addiction. Need to avoid this. The virtual world is making you sick both physically and mentally. There are many ways to avoid this. it should be noted.

– Dr. Siddharth Sinha, Psychiatrist, Rinpas

Reels are also a part of social media addiction. It is more in the youth of 15 to 35 years. Such people start considering the followers of reels as their friends. They start considering virtual friends as real. Let’s take their comments to heart. Because of this sometimes they become victims of depression.

-Dr Saurav Khanra, Physician, CIP

Creativity also gives reels

The reels are brimming with creativity, which inspires people to watch again and again. It also gives birth to new ideas. Now many big artists of the creativity sector have also started making reels and memes.

Disadvantages of children’s education

Due to the addiction of reels, children are not able to focus on studies. The sleeping pattern gets disturbed in the wake of watching reels late at night. Lack of sleep leads to stress. Eyes start getting weak. Lack of physical activity leads to obesity.

How to get rid of this addiction

Spend time watching Reels with friends

increase physical activity

Children are falling prey to virtual autism due to continuous watching of reels. Due to this, there is a problem like reducing learning capacity and starting speaking late.

If the child is wearing spectacles, then get his lens changed to Miosmart lens. The number of the lens of this glasses either stops there or the speed of increasing the number decreases.


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