Jharkhand: Fierce debate between Deputy Chief and Panchayat Secretary over making birth certificate in Ghaghra, Gumla


Ghaghra (Gumla), Ajit Sahu: On Monday, in the office premises of Ghaghra block under Gumla district, there was a scuffle between Vinita Kumari, deputy head of Navdiha panchayat and Kaleshwar Sahu, panchayat secretary. The Deputy Chief alleged that the Panchayat Secretary is harassing unnecessarily. Being a public representative, the villagers of the village come to us with many problems and applications. When all the above problems and applications are brought by me to the Panchayat Secretary, it is said by him that I do not know any public representative. whose application is Send that applicant to us. If any middleman comes for the same work, he gets the work done immediately after taking the money.

fierce commotion

Deputy head Vinita told that on Monday when she came to the panchayat secretary with the application for death certificate and a birth certificate given by the villagers, she was told that we cannot take the application from you. send to the applicant. On which there was a lot of ruckus.

Deputy chief accused the Panchayat servant

Vineeta told that in the past also she had brought old women and men of the village many times to make widow pension. But, the rule has been returned by the Panchayat Sevak citing the law. He accused the Panchayat Sevak of colluding with middlemen and doing every work by taking commission. Huge amount is collected in the name of making birth certificate. The deputy head alleged that the panchayat secretary wanted to meet the applicant so that he could extort money from the applicant and fill his pocket.

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The allegation of seeking bribe is wrong: Panchayat Secretary

While investigating the whole matter, the Deputy Chief has demanded action from the BDO and senior officers of the district. If action is not taken against such bribery workers, then the villagers will continue to be exploited. Here, Panchayat Secretary Kaleshwar Sahu said that the allegation of demanding bribe is absolutely wrong. Money is not taken by me anywhere.

Action has already been taken against the Panchayat Secretary

It may be known that in the past, Panchayat Secretary Kaleshwar Sahu was accused by Shivrajpur Panchayat head and people’s representatives of taking bribe and collecting money directly from the beneficiary bypassing the people’s representatives. After which Kaleshwar Sahu was removed from Shivrajpur Panchayat and made Panchayat Secretary in Navdiha Panchayat.


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