For the first time in the history of 42 years, we have seen such a recession in the textile market – FOSTA Director Suresh Modi


face. This time some new faces who had nothing to do with commercial politics also contested in the Fosta elections. He was engrossed in his textile business but he raised the problems of his textile market prominently, remained completely loyal to his market, the result of which was that his textile market management inspired him to contest FOSTA elections and he won the election and became FOSTA director. Such is the story of Suresh Kumar Modi, a businessman turned FOSTA director in Millennium Market.

Suresh Kumar Modi has been elected director of FOSTA from Millennium-1 textile market located on Ring Road. Although the management of this market is still with the builder, but considering their activeness in the market, the builder decided to send them to FOSTA. Suresh Kumar Modi has a trading firm by the name of Jeeva Creation in Millennium-1 Textile Market.

In a conversation with Loktej correspondent, FOSTA Director Suresh Kumar Modi said that for the first time in the history of the last 42 years, he has seen such a recession in the market. He said that there have been two reasons behind coming to FOSTA. One is the beautiful leadership of FOSTA President Kailash Hakim and the other is to get rid of the problems of the textile market. Goods return in the cloth market and some cheater traders sitting here are cancer for the cloth market. He thought that if good people come to Fosta, it will benefit the market.

Suresh Kumar Modi is originally from Indore and he came to Surat for the first time in 1981. Coming to Surat 42 years ago, he joined a yarn firm at STM for Rs.250 per month. Modi tells that at that time four rupees per day were used only for food. At that time it was a period of very difficult struggle. But he did not lose courage. Gray started brokerage in the year 1986 and now does his own trading.

Modi told that the management of Millennium Market is still with the builder. The builder urged the businessmen many times to handle the maintenance here. Once he even did a maintenance handover. But here the system could not be controlled. Ultimately, the traders had to accept that no one can handle the maintenance of such a big market better than the builder.


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