Crime News: Businessman shot dead in the middle of the road in Patna, attack also happened on July 17


On Monday, bike-borne criminals shot and killed Bakarganj businessman Ramesh Prasad alias Manoj Kanhaiya near Naga Baba Thakurbari, located at Congress Maidan of Kadamkuan police station in capital Patna. The criminals ran the shopkeeper Manoj Kanhaiya who was going on a scooty and first fired two bullets, when he fell on the road, to confirm, a criminal fired three more bullets by holding a pistol. After the incident, two criminals riding a bike fled while firing in the air. The businessman died on the spot.

There was a stir in the area due to this incident which happened in broad daylight. Police have recovered three kiosks and one live cartridge from the spot. According to the information received, Manoj Kanhaiya was a resident of Naho in Nalanda. He lived with his family on rent near the old Arvind Mahila College in Kadamkuan. And in Bakarganj, he had a mobile accessories shop named Kanhaiya Enterprises. After the incident, the shopkeepers of Bakarganj closed their shops in protest. Raju Kumar of Electronics Market Association said that we demand that the criminals involved in the murder of Manoj Kanhaiya should be arrested as soon as possible and punished severely. He told that Manoj was the younger of two brothers. His elder brother Vinod does mobile business in Delhi.

pushed down in scooty

Both the criminals riding the bike were already sitting in ambush. At around 10 in the morning when Manoj Kanhaiya was going to open the shop with his scooty. He was talking to a friend at the spot when the bike-borne criminals pushed his scooty from behind. Manoj fell on the road along with Scooty as soon as he was pushed. Wearing a helmet, Manoj Kanhaiya ran towards the Congress ground. Seeing the escape, the criminal sitting behind the bike also ran behind and fired two bullets on the back. As soon as the bullet hit, he fell right in front of the gate of Bol Baby Play School. After this, going close, the criminal fired two bullets in the chest and one in the head, due to which he died on the spot.

Whole incident captured in CCTV

A case has been registered against the unknown on the statement of Manoj Kanhaiya’s maternal uncle Arvind Prasad. City SP said that the shooters are being identified. The family members have not nominated anyone. Got footage. Soon the criminals will be arrested. As soon as the information about the incident was received, City SP Madhya Vaibhav Sharma, DSP Town Ashok Kumar, Kadamkuan Thanedar Vimalendu and other police officers reached the spot.

Both criminals were betel nut killers

The footage of the incident has been received by the police. The shooters were from a blue colored Apache bike. Police has got the vehicle number, which is being investigated. Both the shooters were wearing helmets: one was viciously firing and the other was standing with the bike started. After firing, both of them fled towards the Buddha statue by sitting on the bike.

On July 17, the first shot was fired regarding the property in Nala Road

The police suspect that this massacre has been carried out by the shooters by giving betel nut in the property dispute itself. At the same time, the police is also investigating the people associated with BC sports. Neighboring shopkeeper of Manoj told that on July 17 at around 9 pm when he was going home after closing the shop, he was fired upon near the old Arvind Women’s College. The bullet had exited from the side of his temple.

There was a dispute over 1500 square feet of land

At the time of Covid, Manoj Kanhaiya had taken about 1500 square feet of land near the old Arvind Women’s College near Nala Road. He was also about to acquire a land near Nala Road and talks were on for the same. He was having a dispute with someone regarding this property. He also mentioned this to his fellow shopkeepers. The neighboring shopkeeper said that he had verbally informed the police about this as well.


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