Center is not helping after withdrawing from NDA said Bijendra Yadav


Despite the apathy of the Center, the achievement of the state is unprecedented.

He said that a major part of the grant given by the Center to the states is the grant received on the recommendation of the Finance Commission. Rural and urban local bodies, State Disaster Relief Fund and other disaster-related funds and health grants are receiving funds under the grant of the Finance Commission. Apart from this, till the financial year 22-23, Bihar has been getting an amount in the form of GST compensation. There is a continuous decrease in the amount Bihar is getting from the Center, while the financial burden is being increased. Many types of problems are arising due to continuous increase in the state share in central schemes. Despite this, Bihar is moving forward. Yadav said that despite the Centre’s indifference towards the state, the achievement of the state is remarkable and the state of Bihar has established its credibility on the scale of development.

They are scared of India: Vijay Kumar Chowdhary

Finance Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is terrorized by India. Finance Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary said on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comment about opposition alliance India, don’t go by the words of Prime Minister comparing India with terrorist organization, look at his spirit. In 2024, the public will decide who is a terrorist and who is a patriot. But if India sees them as terrorists, then it is settled that they are terrorists. As far as the India alliance is concerned, its objective is clear, to remove Modi from the throne.


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