Bihar: Police arrested two miscreants who cheated lakhs, know how they used to target people


Bihar News: In Bihar, the police have arrested the thugs who committed the fraud. They used to execute the incident of cheating people. In Purnia, two youths have been arrested by the police of Narayanpur police station on the charge of cheating lakhs of rupees by luring double returns on investment in a company. Their names are Balawal Haider (25) and Shafiq Ahmed. Haider is a resident of Purnia district, while Shafiq is a resident of Deganga in North 24 Parganas. Many fake government documents and ancient items have been recovered from the accused.

Cheated in the name of joining the company

According to the information, Nehal Kholkiane, a native of Mumbai and living in Narayanpur, had filed a complaint of cheating in the police station. He told the police that his colleague Balawal Haider from Bihar had persuaded him to join his company ‘Universal Group’. But, later he came to know that the business of his company is to cheat people in the name of investment in rice pulling machine.

Police raid in fake office

Here, the police raided the office located at Karpura Bhawan on SP Verma Road in Patna. Here, in the name of sending abroad, raids have been conducted in the matter of cheating about 150 people of UP-Bihar of 60 lakh rupees. It is being told that the police have received many documents from the office here. The document also includes other important documents including the documents of the people. On July 21, in the name of sending Kuwait and Dubai, more than 150 people were cheated of more than 60 lakh rupees.

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fraudsters number switch off

According to the information, the number of fraudsters is currently switched off by the victims. At the same time, a team of technical research has also been engaged in this matter. Information has been sought from the bank about the account of the woman named Seema in whose account the victims have transferred the money. After getting the information, the police will take further action. It is said that two staff were also kept in the vicious office for the work related to the papers of the people. The job of both was to inquire about the mobile, give them company and related information. The victims have also provided the police with the photos of both the staff. Kotwali Thanedar Sanjit Kumar told that the matter is being investigated. Soon the vicious people who cheat in the name of job will be arrested.

Police engaged in further action

Let us tell you that a placement agency in the Kotwali police station area of ​​Patna committed fraud in the name of getting a job in Kuwait. Along with the job, money was taken from the youth to get them visas. The miscreants gave fake visas to the youth and sent them to Delhi airport for travel. The victims reached the IGI airport with fake visas. After reaching the airport, he came to know that his visa is fake. After returning from Delhi to Patna, he filed a complaint of forgery. As soon as the complaint is received, the police is engaged in the investigation of the case. In this sequence, the police also raided. By registering a case in the Kotwali police station, the police is engaged in action. Police is investigating. The investigation of the agency operator and the people involved in the case is going on.

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Please inform that a company was being run in SP Verma Road. Here was the office of the placement agency. The advertisement for the job was issued by this agency itself. Advertisement was released on social media. It was claimed to give job through this. In this, it was claimed to get jobs in posts like technician, electrical, helper, feeder, plumber. It was also said to give good salary every month. Many people came in the trap of this fake job. A good amount has been taken from people in exchange for tickets and character certificates. Along with this, 40 to 45 thousand rupees were taken from them in the name of visa. Here, the incidents of cheating have increased and often the news related to the incidents of cheating is coming to the fore. On the other hand, the police is constantly engaged in action.



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