Bareilly News: Now FIR on 250 people in Jogi Nawada ruckus, situation deteriorated due to blowing of white powder


Bareilly: There was a ruckus due to blowing of white powder by the people involved in the group of kanwariyas near Gusai Gotia Reliance Tower of Jogi Navada of Baradari police station area of ​​Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. This disclosure has happened after the investigation of the police. After this, an FIR has been registered against 200 to 250 people involved in this on behalf of Jogi Nawada outpost in-charge Amit Kumar of Baradari police station. Those who vandalized police vehicles and blocked the road at Suresh Sharma Nagar of Pilibhit bypass have been made accused.

whitewashed for revenge

No one is named in the FIR, all the accused are unknown. In this case, after the incident, on July 23, an FIR was lodged on behalf of the corporator’s son against many people, including the ex-councillor, due to which the police has sent the accused ex-councillor and another to jail. Now after this FIR, the search for the accused has been started. However, behind this ruckus, the conspiracy of municipal elections has also come to the fore. There was a war of supremacy between the candidates contesting for the post of councilor for a long time, but it is said that during the Kanwar, the contenders for the post of councilor created a ruckus by blowing powder to take revenge on each other.

Many people including former councilor were sent to jail

If reliable sources are to be believed, former councilor Usman Alvi has been a councilor from Ward 33 Bankhandi Nath Temple once, and his wife has been a councilor twice. Usman Alvi had contested from this ward on SP ticket in the municipal elections a few months ago, but lost the election by a very small margin. Political war was going on between Bankhandi Nath and Jogi Nawada councilor and former councilor for a long time. It is said that due to this enmity, a ruckus was created on Sunday i.e. 23rd July. There was a case on behalf of the corporator’s son and many people, including the former corporator, have been sent to jail.

Know what are the allegations in the police FIR?

In the FIR lodged by Sub-Inspector Amit Kumar, Jogi Nawada outpost in-charge of Baradari police station area of ​​the city, it has been said that we along with our comrades and Cheetah mobile constables Tara Singh, Shakti Singh, had left for Kawar Jatha and Muharram peace system in the outpost area, starting from Mohalla Gosai Gautia, Kawar Jatha was proposed to go to Suresh Sharma Nagar, Satellite Crossroads, Kalibari via Chopla, Lal Phatak to Kachla. Along with the batch, Head Constables Raju Kumar, Sumit Kumar, Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Sandeep Rathi, Sub Inspector Narendra Singh were engaged in passing the batch. Along with this, Baradari Kotwali Inspector Abhishek Kumar Singh, along with his fellow constables Gaurav Kumar, Govind Kumar, Amresh Kumar, Manoj Kumar were present along with the driver of government vehicle UP 25 AG 0862 Sukhbir.

Stone pelting on government vehicle UP 25 AG 0862

At the time of presence near the religious place, people were evacuated in the afternoon. Along with this, the Jathedars were informed by the members of the Peace Committee that they can bring their pre-determined jathas. But, when the people of the group reached in front of the religious place, some unknown persons blew white powder (lime-like chemical). In response, some unknown people threw stones. After this, about 200 to 250 people from both the sides started pelting stones. Stones were pelted at the government vehicle UP 25 AG 0862 standing on the spot. The official vehicle was vandalised. The policemen present there were also able to save their lives with great difficulty. There was a lot of chaos in the public. People ran away closing the doors of the houses. The agitated mob blocked the Pilibhit bypass near Suresh Sharma Nagar intersection. This jam could be opened with great difficulty. On July 24, police report number 006 has been marked as smuggling. “Inquiring about the unknown persons could not be ascertained. Its investigation has been handed over to sub-inspector Shiv Kumar Sharma.

FIR in these sections

In the FIR lodged by the police, 200 to 250 people have been made accused. In this FIR held on Tuesday, a case has been made under sections 147, 148, 336, 427, 283, Criminal Law Amendment Act 1932 (7), Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act 1984 (2) and Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act 1984 (3).

Viral video became proof

Many videos have gone viral in this matter. A new video of the ruckus went viral on Monday. A procession of Kanwar is taking place in it. There is a lot of crowd in the procession, DJ is playing in it, but some people involved in the Kanwar procession are throwing colors near the religious place. Muslims are also standing near the mosque. Police is talking about not blowing colors. Again and again the police is talking about making videos. Someone from this crowd threw slippers or something. After this there was a cry. Within a short time, the women, children and people involved in the procession left. The police closed the gate of the mosque. But, after this, in the second video, a miscreant is throwing stones in the street. He shouted about stone pelting coming towards a community. After this the crowd gathered. In the video, Inspector Sabaradari Abhishek Singh is trying hard to stop the crowd from pelting stones. But people are excited. There is no stone pelting from the other side. Some people involved in the procession are continuously pelting stones at the houses of a community. Both these videos are becoming quite viral.

both sides blaming each other

The kanwariyas allege that the procession was taking place. A particular community pelted stones near the mosque. Due to this, the atmosphere was spoiled, while the community alleges that a few years ago, an inspector of Baradari police station had decided in writing to take out a Kavad procession of 10-10 people under a written agreement in the presence of prominent people. However, a procession was being taken out with thousands of people simultaneously. This crowd started throwing colors near his shrine. The police refused, but he did not agree. There has been no stone pelting from our side. There is evidence in its video. People involved in the procession pelted stones. This video is also going viral. Whose fault is it on the basis of CCTV and video, it can be seen. It is being claimed that the ruckus was done under planning.

Before going to jail, former councilor said this

After interrogating former councilor Usman and Sajid, the police sent both of them to jail. Before going to jail, Usman told the media in the district hospital that it was a political fight. Dr. Banwari Lal is a member of Ward 48. Anshu contested against him. He was leaving with a kanwad, Anshu’s men joined behind. These people created a ruckus. In this case, the police have so far taken half a dozen accused into custody. Even in the police investigation, the whole ruckus happened under a well-planned conspiracy. A thorough investigation is being done regarding this.

IMC raised questions on police action

Office bearers of Ittehad-e-Millat Council (IMC) on Tuesday expressed their displeasure over the unilateral action in the Jogi Nawada ruckus. They alleged that action has been taken on one side. This is wrong. The office bearers of the IMC handed over the memorandum addressed to the President to ACM I. Along with this, an impartial inquiry was conducted and action was taken against the accused. There was a ruckus on June 23 regarding the Kavad Yatra near the Baradari police station area of ​​the city. After this, the police is trying to arrest the accused. However, IMC officials are upset about this matter. He reached the Collectorate and handed over the memorandum addressed to the President to ACM I.

Memorandum addressed to the President submitted to ACM

IMC members taking out a procession.

While giving a memorandum, the IMC officials said that at 2:30 pm on July 23, a group of kanwariyas was passing in Mohalla Jogi Nawada of Baradari police station. People refused, Inspector Baradari tried to stop the Kanwaris from pouring ashes, but the Kanwaris did not stop pouring ashes. This was opposed by the Muslim community but the kanwariyas did not stop throwing ashes. Reverse stone pelting started.

Police accused of one-sided action

IMC chief Nadeem Khan accused the police that the police is taking action on one side. He said that the report of the Muslim community has not been written, nor has anyone been medically examined. Police has not taken further action yet.

Top officers are taking report every moment

Top officials have sought a detailed report on the uproar that took place during the passing of a group of Kanwariyas near Gusai Gotia Reliance Tower of Jogi Navada in Baradari police station area of ​​Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. In this report, which police personnel was stationed where at the time of the incident. What was his role? How much was the response time, etc. report has been sought. Due to being a highly sensitive matter, no police officer wants to miss his level. The report sent by the police station to the higher officials is also being cross-checked in a confidential manner. At the same time, some people are reaching the senior officers and are claiming their innocence.



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