Bad lunch habits can increase your blood sugar level, know how


Diabetes, a metabolic disorder, currently afflicts over 100 million Indians. According to a recent study, 15.3% of the Indian population i.e. around 136 million people are in the prediabetes stage. Due to bad habits and irregular diet, the body may not be able to utilize glucose properly, which may lead to frequent spikes in blood glucose levels. This is called ‘high postprandial blood glucose’, which means that after eating, the blood sugar level becomes high. There can be many reasons for this happening, today we will tell you about these reasons.

lunch time is important

Diet is among the many risk factors of diabetes. Lunch is the most common, and certainly variable, diet. Let us discuss the common mistakes that people make during lunch, which is considered as the biggest meal of the day, which puts them at risk of diabetes. Lunch needs to be discussed as it is considered to be the biggest meal of the day and has the ability to regulate the metabolism of the body. That’s why you need to be extra careful about what you eat at the biggest meal of the day; It can make your health as well as spoil it. So read this article to know about the common mistakes you make during lunch time.

when lunch is the first meal of the day

Skipping breakfast leads to huge fluctuations in blood sugar levels, especially when you eat late in the afternoon. Having breakfast first thing in the morning can keep your blood sugar level under control, but not doing so can have side effects on your blood sugar level. Starting the day with good and healthy food reduces the risk of diabetes and its associated complications.

do not overeat during the day

Many people only aim to fill their stomach during lunch and do not pay any attention to the nutrition of the food they are consuming. This is another unhealthy food habit which increases the risk of diabetes. Plan your meals and include everything from carbs to proteins and fats in the diet. Make sure you have a balanced diet during lunch.

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use of canned food

These days, it’s easier to buy pre-made sandwiches from supermarkets to save you the hassle of cooking and pass the time. These packaged foods may keep you satiated for longer, but they can have harmful effects on the body in the long run and there are several reasons for this. excessive use of salt, which makes food taste better; Use of preservatives to increase the shelf life of food contributes to metabolic disorders like diabetes.

habit of drinking carbonated drinks while eating

Nowadays it is common to drink a bottle or can of a carbonated, sweetened, flavored drink with a meal. There are many reasons why you should stop doing this. First, it raises your blood sugar level; Second, these are empty calories and have no nutritional value; Third, they reduce hunger pangs and prevent you from eating nutritious foods that you could otherwise eat. In such a situation, it is important that you avoid consuming it while eating food.

sitting at the desk immediately after a meal

We understand that everyone is burdened with goals and deadlines, but in between try to find some time for yourself. If you sit at the desk immediately after eating, it can harm your health. In such a situation, it is necessary that a 10-minute walk in the premises of the office building after meals is also helpful.


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