Angry doctors stall hospital work in Purnia, 24-hour ultimatum to arrest accused


After the death of an obstetrician at Bhawanipur CHC in Purnia district on Sunday, the anger of doctors across the district erupted in protest against the beating of a doctor by an angry mob. On Monday, the doctors of Government Medical College Hospital (GMCH) boycotted work against this. The work of OPD and General Ward was completely stopped. Due to this, common people kept wandering here and there for treatment. From morning till late afternoon the doctor remained absent from the OPD ward. At the same time, the functioning of the emergency ward was also disrupted for a long time. Angry doctors have given a 24-hour ultimatum to the district administration and health department to arrest the accused. civil

Doctors unitedly protest against assault

Surgeon Dr. Abhay Kumar Chowdhary told that the manner in which the doctors were assaulted and the hospital ransacked due to the death of the pregnant woman, is condemnable. He said that we have sympathy for the pregnant woman who died, but it is completely wrong to brutally assault the doctor for this. On Monday, all the doctors of GMCH unitedly opposed this incident. Doctors walked out of OPD and general ward and started protesting. Angry doctors were demanding immediate arrest and security of the culprits.

Will wear black badge from Tuesday: Dr. Mukesh

Dr. Mukesh Kumar, convenor of Purnia Doctors Care Association, said that the entire medical community is indignant and shocked by the deadly attack by armed criminals on Dr. Rajnarayan working at Bhawanipur PHC on Sunday. If the criminals are not arrested immediately, then all the members of Purnia Doctors Care Association are ready to protest on the road against this attack. Dr. Mukesh has urged the administration to arrest the criminals soon and provide immediate security to the doctors. From tomorrow, all the members of Purnea Doctors Care Association will wear black badges to protest against the life-threatening attack on Dr. Rajnarayan.

Emergency meeting of IMA has been called: Dr. AK Sinha

IMA President Dr. AK Sinha told that an emergency meeting has been called regarding the Bhawanipur PHC incident. Further strategy will be chalked out regarding this incident in the meeting. IMA has given 24 hours time to the district administration to arrest the culprits.

IMA Bihar gave 24 hours time for arrest

IMA Bihar has supported the decision of doctors of Bhawanipur CHC Hospital to boycott work till the arrest of the accused and strengthening of the security system. In case the accused are not arrested within 24 hours, every decision taken by the doctors of Purnia will be sent to the IMA. Bihar will give support. The State Government on this point I.M.A. Talk to Bihar immediately otherwise IMA to ensure the safety of doctors. Bihar will be bound to take tough decisions statewide.

Bihar Health Service Association threatens agitation

Bihar Health Service Association has strongly condemned the murderous attack on the doctor on duty by anti-social elements in Bhawanipur CHC. Union President Dr. Mahesh Prasad Singh has said in a letter to the Additional Chief of the Health Department that due to this incident there is anger and fear among the doctors of the entire state. It seems impossible to work in this atmosphere of fear. Due to this incident all the doctors from APHC to Sadar Hospital and doctors of all medical colleges are indignant. That’s why strict action is not taken against the culprits within 24 hours, then apart from OPD, emergency services will also be forced to stop for an indefinite period, the government will be responsible for this.

BJYM’s signature campaign started in Bihar, Samrat Chaudhary said – Bihar will reply with pen

what is the matter In fact, after the death of the woman during delivery in the Community Health Center Bhawanipur, the relatives created a ruckus for four hours. During this, Dr. RN Sinha present in the hospital was injured. Jawahar Shah, the father of the deceased, told that during labor pain, his daughter was brought to the Community Health Center Bhawanipur, where the attending nurses demanded Rs 1500 for safe delivery. After giving it, the delivery was done safely, but after that her daughter’s blood was not stopping. After half past twelve in the afternoon, all the nurses and doctors started absconding leaving the hospital, then came to know that his daughter had died. As soon as the information about the death of the child was received, hundreds of people from Raghunathpur village created ruckus by reaching the rural hospital.


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