Aligarh News: Woman’s foot slipped while boarding a moving train, RPF jawan saved her life by risking her life


Aligarh : Railway jawan saved the woman who fell from the train by risking her life. The woman had fallen while boarding the Lichchavi Express. During this the train moved fast. This incident is of Aligarh railway station platform three. CCTV footage has also come to the fore. While boarding the Lichchavi Express, the woman’s foot slipped and she started falling under the train. Meanwhile, RPF constable Vinod quickly grabbed the woman and pulled her towards the platform. The woman’s life was saved. Due to this accident, the woman fainted in shock. On regaining consciousness, the woman thanked the RPF jawan. RPF Inspector Raju Verma also appreciated the alertness, courage and alertness of Constable Vinod Kumar. Rajeev Kumar Verma told that his name will be sent to the commandant for bravery honor.

Woman passenger fainted due to accident

RPF constable Vinod Kumar was patrolling on platform number 3 on Monday evening. Meanwhile, train number 14006 Likshavi Express arrived at platform number 3. After stopping at regular time, Likshavi left for further. As soon as the train started, a female passenger Guddu Devi, a resident of Chhapra (Bihar) ran to board the train. While boarding the train, his foot slipped. As soon as her foot slipped, she got hanged under the train. Seeing the woman falling, Constable Vinod Kumar ran towards her and quickly pulled the woman to the platform. During this, a crowd of passengers gathered. The woman remained in shock for some time due to the accident. On regaining consciousness, the woman told that if Vinod Kumar had not been on the spot, she would not have been alive.



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