Will “Lal Diary” increase the tension of Gehlot government? BJP Congress face to face before assembly elections


Before the assembly elections in Rajasthan, politics has started on “Lal Diary”. Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Rajendra Rathore said on Monday that the BJP will take the episode of “Lal Diary” from the house to the road and reveal all its secrets. Talking to the media, he said that we have also demanded the sacked minister of Rajasthan Rajendra Gudha to provide us the facts of this diary.

Let us discuss here that Gudha, Minister of State for Military Welfare, was sacked on Friday after besieging his own government in the Vidhansabha on the issue of atrocities on women, after which the politics of the state has heated up. Gudha arrived in the Vidhansabha on Monday with an alleged red diary and Assembly Speaker Dr. C.P. Reached in front of Joshi’s seat. After this there was a lot of uproar and in the evening a resolution was passed to suspend Gudha for the rest of the session.

Rajendra Gudha reached the assembly with ‘Lal Diary’

Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly Rajendra Rathod said that along with MLA Gudha, the act of snatching the red diary in the House and the incident of snatching has been done to tarnish the temple of democracy. Let us tell you that Rajasthan’s sacked minister Rajendra Gudha targeted Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday over an alleged ‘red diary’. He claimed that it contained a ‘number two transaction of crores of rupees’ which he wanted to place in the House.

Rajendra Gudha crying

Where did the money come from during the crisis of the government?

The MLA Gudha also claimed that he had brought this diary “safely” from the residence of Congress leader Dharmendra Rathore on the instructions of the Chief Minister during the raids of the Income Tax Department in Jaipur. He spoke to the media outside the assembly and said that all the financial transactions of Sara were done in two numbers by Dharmendra Rathore… Chief Minister’s name is written inside it… At the time of the government’s crisis… Where did the money come from, where did the money go… Everything was there in it… Gudha claimed that the transactions recorded in it were not of lakhs, two lakhs, crores, two-five crores, there were transactions of Rs 100, 200, 500 crores.

Joshi did not allow

It is notable that the proceedings of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly were adjourned on Monday after Gudha created a ruckus in the House during Zero Hour. In fact, as soon as the Zero Hour proceedings started, Gudha reached in front of Assembly Speaker Dr. CP Joshi with a red colored ‘diary’. He wanted to hand over the diary to the Speaker but Joshi did not allow him. Joshi asked Gudha to come to his chamber and said that he would not allow it.

Rajendra Gudha update

Let us tell you that assembly elections are going to be held in Rajasthan by the end of this year. Before this, BJP and Congress have geared up. In the past, the ongoing tussle between Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot was resolved by the Congress. After this, MLA Gudha has increased the problems of Congress.

Rajendra Gudha


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