Sawan 2023: On the first Monday of Bengali Shravan and Purushottam month, the enthusiasm of Kanwariyas in Babanagari, see Pics


Devotees offer water to Baba Baidyanath in large numbers on Monday

Sawan 2023: In Bangla Shravan and Purushottam month also, the process of coming of Kanwariyas for Jalabhishek on Baba Baidyanath continues. On the first Monday of the month, there was an influx of devotees coming to Babadham. Even before the doors of Baba Mandir opened in the morning, the queue of devotees had reached about four km. Within two-three hours, as soon as the doors of water-consecration opened, the queue of Kanwariyas was reduced to Jalsar Children Park, two km away from Baba Mandir. At the same time, arrangements were started to send the devotees who came from Mansarovar to the temple from 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Apart from the devotees of Bengal, Nepal, Odisha coming for Bangla Shravan on Monday, Kanwariye had reached from UP, MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Kanwariyas had started queuing up since Sunday night, wanting to offer water on the occasion of Monday.

Sardar Panda did the first worship

On the occasion of Monday, the door of Baba Mandir opened at 03:10 am. Before this worship was done in the temple of Maa Kali. After that Sardar Panda Shri Shri Gulab Nand Ojha first started the worship in the sanctum sanctorum of Baba Mandir by offering Kancha water to Baba. The people of Teerth Purohit Samaj participated in this special worship for about 15 minutes. After this, Sardar Panda performed Sardari Puja with the daily Shodshopachar method of Baba Bhole Nath. After the Sardari Puja, at 4 in the morning, through Argha, the water offering was started for the common devotees.

There was a crowd in the outer Argha as well.

Keeping in mind the convenience of the devotees, the external Argha was also proving to be very effective. In order to avoid long queues, a large number of kanwariyas were seen offering water under this system as well.

60 thousand Kanwariyas poured water from Argha in the court of Baba Faujdarinath

Here, a crowd of devotees thronged the court of Baba Faujdari Nath located in Dumka. The temple premises resounded with the chants of Har Har Mahadev and Bol Bam, the city of Bholenath. The doors of the temple opened at 3.17 am on Sunday. Shivlings were anointed with milk and water. Mahaarti was performed by decorating the Shivlings with flowers, bell leaves, figures, dhatura. During this, the atmosphere in the temples remained devotional with the announcement of Bholenath amid bells, gongs, conch shells and frills. After the official worship, the process of pouring water into the Argha installed at the sanctum sanctorum gate of the temple started, which is still going on. The temple premises, Shivganga Ghat and the fair premises were full of Kanwariyas. According to the temple management, 60,000 Kanwariyas wished by pouring water into the Argha of Baba Faujdari Nath. The temple premises resounded with the praise of Baba.

comprehensive security system

In view of the possible crowd on Monday, the administration had already made elaborate arrangements. Women devotees also queued up and offered water to Baba. In the temple premises, the officials allowed the queue of Kanwariyas to enter the temple smoothly. The reverence, devotion and faith of the Kanwariyas was being created just by seeing them. On the Monday of Sawan, the queue of Kanwariyas reached Sanskar Mandap, Falahari Dharamshala, Q Complex and Shivganga Peed. There was a police arrangement to prevent infiltration in the queue of Kanwariyas. In the Kanwariya shed, many devotees of Shiv were engaged in providing water to the queued up Kanwariyas.

Earned Rs 4,49,825

Shiv Mandir Trust Committee received an income of Rs 4, 49,825 from various sources on Sawan Somwari. Rs 96,910 cash was received from various donation boxes located in the temple premises, Rs 45,270 cash was received from the sanctum sanctorum Golak. The temple earned 212 grams of silver from Golak and Rs 3,07,645 from other sources. The amount coming out of Golak was counted under the supervision of CCTV and officer in the temple administrative building.

1018 Kanwariyas did quick darshanam

On Monday, 1018 devotees offered accessible water to Baba Faujdarinath under the early Darshanam system. Under this arrangement, the Shiv Mandir Nyas Samiti received an income of Rs 3 lakh 05 thousand 400. Under this, the Kanwariyas have to deduct a coupon of Rs.300 from the temple office. The said devotee gets entry into the temple premises from the temple lion gate. Devotees enter the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and offer water through a special gate located in the temple premises. According to the temple management, Kanwarias are happy with this arrangement. At the same time, 6 coins of 10 grams silver and five coins of five grams silver were sold. The Kanwariyas expressed happiness over the better arrangements for early Darshanam.

NDRF team active

Kanwariyas took a dip of faith in the holy Sivagangai on Monday, the month of Sawan. Seeing the number of devotees in Sivagangai, the NDRF team was in full alert mode in Sivagangai. The safety of the devotees in Sivagangai was being taken care of by motor boat. Devotees were queuing up to bathe in Shivganga with full faith and offer water to Baba Faujdari Nath.

All the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled by worshiping Shiva in Sawan: Sudhakar

Monday is very dear to Lord Shiva. The whole month of Shravan is auspicious for chanting, penance and meditation, but Mondays have special importance in this. Monday is the day of the moon and the devotees keep fast on Monday. Lord Shiva is pleased with such devotees. Pandit Sudhakar Jha told that all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled by worshiping Shiva in the month of Shravan. He told that in this month, Bholenath is quickly pleased by fasting on Monday, worshiping Shiva with Akshat, Belpatra, Pushpa Chandan etc. Dhatura flower, Bilvapatra, recitation of Shat Rudri, chanting of Panchakshar mantra is very dear to Bholenath. Bholenath is quickly pleased by chanting Mahamrityunjaya and offering Ganga water. It is believed that Lord Shiva is holding the moon on his head, the day of the moon is on Monday, so any devotee who observes a fast on Monday and worships Bholenath gets the desired fruit.


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