Jharkhand: Uproar of students in Gumla’s KO College due to non-commencement of Inter studies, tussle with administrator


Gumla, Durjay Paswan: Intermediate studies have not yet started in Gumla’s Kartik Oraon College. Due to this, angry students came to lockout the college on Monday, but in view of the examination being held in the college, the decision of lockout was withdrawn. But, the students created ruckus demanding resumption of intermediate studies. The college administrator’s office was surrounded. During this, the administrator also had a scuffle with the agitating students. After a lot of uproar, the student leaders appealed to the Gumla DC and DEO to take cognizance of the matter. So that the future of thousands of students can be improved.

College administration accused of arbitrariness

Former student leader Devendra Lal Oraon told that due to the arbitrariness of the college administration, inter studies have stopped. Citing UGC was an excuse and paucity of funds was a diversion of funds. Karthik Oraon is not able to run the Management College. That’s why intermediate studies have been stopped here. On the other hand, student leader Anil Sahu said that the autocracy of the administration will be broken. Our poor students cannot study in private inter colleges. There is an annual expenditure of Rs 15-20 thousand and seats are filled at all the places. Students are roaming here and there for enrollment. But after all this, the college administration is shattered in its pride.

Administration preventing poor tribal children from studying: Ramavatar

Former student leader Ramavatar Bhagat said that our area is dominated by tribals and tribes. Oraon, Khadiya, Nagpuri languages ​​are taught in this college. Due to lack of intermediate studies, it will also affect our language and culture. He said that the present administration of the college and the present district administration do not want the tribal and tribal children of Gumla to move forward after being educated. That’s why till now the process of enrollment for intermediate studies has not been started.

Gumla: Protest by the students of Kartik Oraon College, held the Vice Chancellor of Ranchi University for an hour

poor children wandering for admission

He said that the children of the capitalists and the wealthy go to study in other districts and states. Some children study in private colleges in Gumla. In such a situation, enrollment has been done in all the private colleges of the district by setting-gating. The seat is not vacant. The poor children of every village. They are now wandering for nomination. The officials pretending to be development should pay attention to the education of poor children and earn some good deeds while living in Gumla. Subodh Oraon, Rohit Singh, Deepak Sahu, Vaidyanath Mishra, Rohit Yadav, Sanjay Oraon, Prakash Prasad, Ajay Oraon, Partha Oraon, Vikram Singh, Vaidyanath Singh and other students were present on the occasion.

Students gheraoed the vice chancellor of Ranchi University

Let us inform that earlier on July 17, 2023, the students of Ranchi University protested when Dr. Ajit Kumar Sinha, Vice Chancellor of Ranchi University came to Kartik Oraon College. The Vice Chancellor had arrived to inaugurate the multipurpose building in the college campus. During this, the students surrounded the registrar and CCDC along with the vice-chancellor for hours.

appeal to continue inter studies

The protesting students appealed to the Vice-Chancellor to continue intermediate studies in Gumla’s college. The students had to say that poor children are unable to study in private colleges. In such a situation, appealed to the university administrator to take initiative. On the demand of the students, the Vice-Chancellor talked about continuing the intermediate studies. At the same time, said that Gumla College administration should take initiative on this.

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