Flood Update: Now the major rivers of Bihar are flowing under the red mark, the water level of these rivers including the Ganga has increased…


All major rivers in Bihar were flowing below the danger mark on Sunday. 83 thousand 900 cusecs of water was released in the Gandak river from Valmikinagar barrage in the afternoon. However, there are indications of a rise in the water level. At the same time, 88 thousand 650 cusecs of water was released from Virpur barrage into the Kosi river. There are indications of a decrease in the water level. According to the Central Water Commission, there are indications of rise in the water level of Ganga, Punpun and Ghaghra rivers on Sunday. At the same time, the Gandak river was flowing 65 cm below the danger mark at Dumariya Ghat. There is a possibility of an increase of eight cm till Monday morning.

Minister Sanjay Jha reviewed flood protection works, gave instructions

Information and Public Relations cum Water Resources Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha reviewed the flood protection works on Sunday, along with gave several important instructions to the officers and engineers. He reviewed the flood protection works and innovative experiments based on new technology by the Flood Management Improvement Support Center (FMISC). Also inspected the site of the Water Knowledge Center under construction under the National Hydrology Project. During this, Additional Chief Secretary Chaitanya Prasad, Engineer-in-Chief (Flood Control and Water Drainage) Shailendra, Financial Advisor Ravindra Kumar Shankar, Joint Director (FMISC) Alok Kumar, Director (MMC) Aarti Sinha and senior officers of the department were present.

Flood and difficulties in Purnia’s Amour

Flood water has entered the villages in Purnia’s Amour. Even today, the population of 50,000 people of the six panchayats of the assembly constituency is forced to take the help of boats to travel from the block headquarters to the district headquarters. About fifty thousand people of Sirsi Panchayat, Khapda, Hafnia, Khadimhinggaon etc. panchayats of the assembly constituency have to go to Fakir Toli Chowk via Khadi Haat to go from the district headquarters to the block headquarters. Due to non-construction of bridge over Kankai river on the road from Fakirtoli to Khadihat, the residents of the area have to face a lot of difficulty in movement. The situation becomes dire especially during floods. Boats are the only means of carrying ration, water and essential commodities to the people. Minor accidents keep on happening in the boat movement. In view of the problem of movement of people, in the year 2011, the construction work of the bridge started on the Khadi Ghat in Kankai river. But even after 12 years the construction work could not be completed.

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Even the rain did not give relief

This time the weather also did not cooperate with the people. Especially the farmers are facing a lot of trouble. After the breaking of the monsoon cycle in most of the villages, only sporadic rains are continuing. Due to this, on the one hand, there is no hope left among the farmers to get their farming and household back on track. Farmers have been surrounded by the problem of wastage of their cost money. Now the farmers have started pleading with God to get as much income as possible. The moisture of most of the fields remained intact. There is no use even after its efforts. As a result, farmers have to conserve moisture with the help of pumpsets and motors.

concern of farmers

The farmers are worried that somehow they have transplanted the paddy cuttings. If it does not rain further, then you will have to spend more than your income. On the other hand, the requirement of water started increasing even after planting due to the scorching heat of the sun. Together, the havoc of these calamities has left everyone in trouble. Farmers are gazing towards the sky. They say that instead of reducing the heat due to sporadic rains, it gets intensified. Artificial measures are able to get short-term benefits. Then the situation becomes as it was. The humidity has increased. People are also getting ill due to the strong sunlight on coming out. It has become difficult to go to the fields even after wishing during the day.

The rivers and ponds of the state are full

Let us tell you that due to continuous rains in Bihar and Nepal in the past, there is a spate in the rivers of the state. Rivers, ponds and puddles etc. are full to the brim. As a result, the incidents of drowning have increased now. Such reports are coming out from many places in the state. In the past, more than three dozen people died due to drowning. Most of these include children who drowned in deep water while bathing.


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