Bihar: Police still empty in Muzaffarpur’s Ashutosh Shahi murder case, former councilor taken into custody


Ashutosh Shahi Murder: In the murder of property dealer Ashutosh Shahi and his two bodyguards Nizamuddin and Rahul in Muzaffarpur, the SIT team is looking for the clue of the killer. The special team on Sunday raided the city police station area and detained a former councillor. It is said that at the time when the criminals barged into the advocate’s house and opened fire, the former councilor was also at his house. Till now the police is interrogating four suspects in custody in this murder case. However, the police could not find any concrete clue in this murder case.

Professional shooter shot only..

Police believe that the murder was done by a professional shooter. Here, in the afternoon STF DSP Naresh Kumar, SI Ashutosh Kumar and Parameshwar Kumar reached Nand Bihar Colony with the police force. Interrogated the family members and the people present at the residence for more than an hour. Driver Ashok Kumar Mahto was interrogated in detail regarding the whole incident from the time Ashutosh Shahi left the house on the night of the incident till his murder. It is said that many different investigative agencies of police including Bihar STF are gathering information about who is behind the plainclothes murder in different areas of the city. The same two guards who were killed were hired from a security agency in Delhi. Both were retired from army and para military force.

Police looking for liner, gathering clues

The SIT team is considering the role of liner in the murder case as important. The police suspect that due to the precise lining, the criminals have executed this massacre with great precision. Whether the liner was at Ashutosh Shahi’s house or at the advocate’s house, its information is being gathered. The technical cell of Patna STF has dumped the tower at the spot. The tower location of the suspicious mobile numbers found in it is being investigated.

Breaking the traffic rules in Patna, even the policemen are facing a lot, caught in the CCTV camera, then the challan reached ..

Who was present while talking on mobile, CCTV being investigated

It is said that Ashutosh Shahi did not leave his house for the entire day of the incident. However, the police have received information that many people had come to meet him at his residence. Before going to the advocate’s house, Ashutosh Shahi had made the mobile hand-free and said during the conversation that he would come in half an hour. Now the police suspect that none of the people sitting at Ashutosh Shahi’s house was a liner. The police is now examining the CCTV footage of that time.

Suspicion on two suspects riding a scooty

The district police team has received a CCTV footage in which Ashutosh Shahi is said to be seen standing outside the house in a suspicious condition a week before the incident. However, this video of Reiki is being told at that time, it is said that Ashutosh Shahi was in Delhi at that time. At present, the SIT is also verifying the appearance of the suspects captured in this video footage.

The number of khokha increased in the seizure list

After the murder of Ashutosh Shahi and his two guards, the seizure list was being prepared at the city police station till late Sunday evening, including hollow, pellet, live cartridges, guard’s rifle, his bullet, seized from the spot. It is said that the number of khokha has now reached 25. DIU in-charge Mohd. Under the leadership of Sujauddin, the police team of Nagar police station kept preparing the seizure list till late evening. During this, Ashok Kumar Mahato, the driver of Ashutosh Shahi, who was present at the spot, was also called. The seizure list is likely to be completely finalized by Monday.

Police camping in Patna area in search of shooters

After raiding Ujjwal Sharma’s house in Patna, a team is still camping in Patna and its surrounding areas. However, till now the information about the arrest of even a single shooter in this case has not come to the fore. There is talk of conducting raids in Sakra, Maniyari area. However, the district police is refraining from speaking anything so that the research is not affected.

Mourning silence spread in the colony

After the murder of Ashutosh Shahi, there is a mournful silence in Nand Vihar Colony. After the murder, the wife is fainting again and again on the third day as well. The daughter is also in bad condition by crying. Wife and all three daughters are not able to recover from this sudden painful accident. The old mother and brother are also in shock.


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