Bihar: In Araria, a woman was gang-raped by tying her husband to a peg, the villagers caught a predator


Bihar crime news: The incident of gang rape of a woman was carried out in Araria. During this, her husband was tied to a peg and the incident was executed in front of her. The incident is of a village under Khabadah panchayat of Narpatganj block area. Where three youths gang-raped a 32-year-old woman late on Saturday night. During the incident of rape, the accused youths also thrashed the woman’s husband by tying him to a peg.

The accused was rescued from the clutches of the villagers

During the incident, hundreds of people gathered there on the sound of the woman’s husband and woman’s screams. After this people caught one of the accused, while two accused managed to escape from the spot. Narpatganj police station reached on the information and brought the youth accused of rape to the police station, freed from the clutches of the villagers. After this, after registering an FIR, after necessary enquiry, he was sent to judicial custody on Sunday.

Suddenly the beasts entered the house at night

In the registered FIR, the victim alleged that she slept with her family after having dinner at home on Saturday. Meanwhile, youths from the neighborhood, Rajesh Paswan’s father Mahjalal Paswan, Raja Kusiet’s father Satnarayan Kusiet and Ajit Kusiet’s father Vinod Kusiet, all three together broke the door and entered inside the house. After that, the incident of rape was carried out by all three in turn. When the husband protested, she tied him to a peg and beat him.

Villagers reached on shouting, caught one

However, during the incident, a crowd of hundreds of villagers gathered at the spot on the cries of the woman and her husband. After that one accused Raja was caught and handed over to Narpatganj police. Regarding the case, Police Station President Shailesh Kumar Pandey said that while registering an FIR on the application of the victim in the gang-rape case, an accused has been arrested and sent to jail after necessary interrogation. At the same time, a raid campaign is being conducted to arrest the other accused.

Rape with eighth student in Banka, FIR lodged

In a village under Amarpur police station area of ​​Banka district late on Saturday night, a girl student of class VIII was raped by a youth of the village. The victim’s father told that on Saturday night his daughter had gone to the village to bring a copy to her friend’s house. While coming home from there, suddenly it started raining and electricity was also cut off. To avoid the rain, the daughter stopped in front of a house in the village. Meanwhile, Raja Goswami, the son of Brahmadev Goswami of the same village, came there and tied a cloth around the daughter’s mouth and took her to Khajuriya Dam Bahiyar, south of the village. Where the minor was raped by tying her hands and legs. After this, the victim reached home and informed her mother about the matter. On knowing about the matter, the relatives of the victim reached the house of the accused. The family of the accused opposed the incident. At the same time, the accused threatened to kill him if he filed the case. Meanwhile, the incident was informed to the police. As soon as the incident was reported, the police reached the house of the accused. Seeing the police coming, the accused left the house and fled. On Sunday morning, the victim along with her family members reached the police station and filed an application against the accused youth in the police station. Police Station President Vinod Kumar said that an FIR has been registered in the matter. Police is conducting raids to arrest the accused youth. The victim has been sent to the hospital for medical examination.

Woman threatened to be raped and killed in Bhagalpur

On the other hand, in Kharik police station area of ​​Bhagalpur district Navagachia, after raping a woman, she threatened to kill her by pointing a weapon at her. In this regard, the victim has given an application for an FIR in Navagachhia Women’s Police Station. According to the application of the victim, my husband works as a laborer living in Punjab. On July 16, at 11 o’clock in the night, I was sleeping with my daughter on the verandah of the house, at the same time Sintu Mandal of Dadpur came to my house and raised me by threatening me with weapons. From there he took me to the room and raped me. When he protested, he threatened to kill him with a weapon. When this information was given to the family members of Sintu Mandal, they started fighting. Went to the head of the village, he also kept mesmerized but did not take any decision. Poonam Kumari, Navagachia Mahila Police Station said that an FIR has been registered in this matter. The police is investigating the matter.


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