Who is Rajendra Gudha? Who besieged his own government on women’s safety, new trouble for Gehlot after Pilot


Rajasthan Cabinet Minister Rajendra Gudha has found it difficult to play a front against his own government. Ashok Gehlot has shown him the way out of the cabinet. New politics has started in Rajasthan on the issue of Gudha’s ouster. If the Congress has justified this action, then the BJP targeted the Gehlot government. Meanwhile, Gudha’s statement has also come to the fore. He said, the public is with me, I will keep working for them.

Why was Rajendra Gudha sacked

In fact, Rajendra Gudha surrounded his own government on the issue of atrocities on women in the Assembly on Friday. Congress MLAs wave placards on the issue of violence in Manipur during the discussion on the Rajasthan Minimum Income Guarantee Bill 2023 in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. Raising questions on his own government, Gudha said, in Rajasthan, it is a fact that we have failed in the safety of women, and the way atrocities on women have increased in Rajasthan, instead of Manipur, we should look at our own neck. Gudha had Sainik Welfare (independent charge), Home Guard and Civil Defense (independent charge), Panchayati Raj and Rural Development departments.

Punished for speaking the truth: Gudha

After being removed from the Rajasthan cabinet, Rajendra Singh Gudha said, he has been punished for speaking the truth. He said, Rajasthan ranks number one in crime against women. what did i say wrong? I got punished for telling the truth. He said, the public will be with me, I will work for them. Whether he (Ashok Gehlot) removes me from the cabinet or sends me to jail, I will keep speaking till I am alive. He reiterated once again, women are not safe in our state. Rajasthan is number 1 in atrocities on women. The state government has failed to provide security to women. I wanted to ask Ashok Gehlot to do something on this issue… Police in the state is corrupt, they are busy taking bribe from people.

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#WATCH , After being removed from the Rajasthan cabinet, Rajendra Singh Gudha says "Public will stay with me, I will work for them. Whether he (Ashok Gehlot) removes me from the cabinet or sends me to jail, I will keep speaking till I am alive. Women in our state are not safe.… pic.twitter.com/ZMkSjbJO7E

— ANI MP/CG/Rajasthan (@ANI_MP_CG_RJ) July 22, 2023

Rajendra Rathore attacked Ashok Gehlot government

Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore said that Rajasthan is at number one in terms of crimes against women. Rathore said in a tweet, the minister of the government, Rajendra Gudha himself, is telling the reality of the atrocities and misdemeanors being committed on sisters and daughters in Rajasthan. According to Article 164(2) of the Constitution, the cabinet works on the basis of collective responsibility and the statement of the minister is considered to be that of the entire cabinet i.e. the government.

Gudha told the dismissal of Gudha, the internal matter of the party

On the question of sacking of Rajendra Singh Gudha from the post of Rajasthan minister, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, this is an internal matter of our party and we discuss it on our own.

Bad law and order situation in Rajasthan: BJP

BJP’s Rajya Sabha member Kirori Meena said that Gudha has spoken the truth in the assembly. He said, law and order has deteriorated in Rajasthan and crimes against women have increased manifold. The minister said only what is true.

Who is Rajendra Gudha

Significantly, Rajendra Gudha is one of the six MLAs who won the 2018 assembly elections on a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ticket, but later joined the Congress. Gudha is the MLA from Udaipurwati assembly seat of Jhunjhunu district. Gudha contested the elections for the first time in 2008 on a BSP ticket. After that Ashok Gehlot along with the MLAs of his party supported the government. Then in September 2019, 6 BSP MLAs including Gudha joined the Congress.

Gudha has openly supported Sachin Pilot

Rajendra Gudha is considered the leader of the Sachin Pilot group. Recently, an alleged video of Gudha was made public on social media in which he was saying that both Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Congress leader Sachin Pilot are running after him, so they must have some qualities. Gudha, who joined the Congress after being elected on a BSP ticket, and other MLAs had supported Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in July 2020 during the political crisis caused by the rebellion of then Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot. However, in the last few months, Gudha made statements in favor of the pilot. Gudha launched a scathing attack on the Congress, alleging that the government has gone ahead of Karnataka’s ‘BJP government with 40 per cent commission’ in the matter of corruption. In fact, while addressing a public meeting of Congress leader Sachin Pilot, he had said, our government is going beyond the 40 percent corruption case of the Karnataka government. Our government has broken all records of corruption.


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