Surat has immense export potential: Navlesh Goyal


face. Navlesh Goyal, director representing New Bombay Market located in Umarwada in FOSTA, says that there are immense possibilities of export in Surat. But due to lack of interest from the government, the export from here is not as much as it should be. Exporters are abandoning their exports and turning to other businesses due to the payment getting stuck in foreign countries. The policies of the Chinese government are such that the payment of Chinese exporters does not sink at all. Goyal told that there is also a problem in exports that traders are less interested in taking goods under bank guarantee, due to which the possibility of payment sinking is high. Another reason for low exports is the discontinuation of incentives like duty draw back and refund by the government.

Navlesh Goyal, President of New Bombay Market, is a member of Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, former President of Shree Shyam Gungan Samiti, Trustee of Agarwal Pragati Trust, Trustee of Mehandipur Balaji and Trustee of Agarwal Vikas Trust. Since 2014, he is the President of New Bombay Market. Ever since he took charge of the New Bombay Market, the market has seen a lot of development since then. After assuming charge, he developed fire safety system in the market. Parking was made for 150 vehicles in the basement area. Earlier there was single phase line in the market, in its place double phase electrical wiring was done in the entire market and flooring of the entire parking area was done. He told that in the year 2008 he started business in New Bombay Market.

Originally a resident of Pilani under Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, Goyal received his education from Jaipur. He studied commerce till graduation. From student life, he was interested in active politics and this trend brought him to FOSTA election. Also, he liked the leadership of FOSTA President Kailash Hakim, due to which he contested the FOSTA elections. One of the main reasons for contesting the Fosta election was that he wanted to rectify the problem of goods return and payment in business. He said that the main business problem in Surat’s textile market is regarding payment and return of goods. The main reason for converting work in the year 2020 was also due to this problem. Asking for payment in textile business has become like begging!

Export, Catalog Business and now Labina Creations

He told about his development journey in Surat that he came to Surat in the year 2003 and started the work of dress in New Textile Market. Here his two younger brothers were already in business and he joined them as well. In the year 2005, expanding the work, he started exporting from RKT. Till the year 2014 everything went well in exports and in 2015 there was a lot of problem due to sinking of payments in exports. In such a situation, he paid the full money of the people, but after that in the year 2016, changing the business, he started the catalog work. Till 2020, he did catalog work, but after changing the business after Corona, now the work of garment fabric is going on in New Bombay market under the name of Labina Creation Private Limited.

The biggest problem of New Bombay market is possession receipt

Navlesh Goyal told that the biggest and most complicated problem in New Bombay market is possession receipt. The land here belongs to the Parsi Panchayat. The dispute that started in the initial days regarding the payment of dues continued even today and no result came out due to mutual tussle between the builders. Due to which the traders here have to bear the brunt. His first priority is to convert the possession receipt into a document. Studying the circular of the state government for the year 2020 and for this advice is being taken from the lawyer. There is a plan to get the work of color combination done in the market. There are already 23 bathrooms in the market and now 8 new bathrooms are being constructed.


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