PHOTOS: Children become companions, Guardians walking with them at every step are becoming a source of inspiration for others as well


Daughters are fond of guitar-painting

Jamshedpur (East Singhbhum), Kanhaiya Lal Singh: There has been a positive change in the thinking of the parents as compared to earlier. Parents are not imposing their will on the children. Seeing their future only in the interest of the children, they are also making efforts for this. Along with giving the children the freedom to do what they want, he is also monitoring them at every level. Not disappointing such parents, even their children are creating new success stories everyday. The parents walking together at every step of the children are becoming a source of inspiration for others as well.

Make time for children: Bontha Gopal Rao, Namda Basti

Bontha Gopal Rao, a resident of Namda Basti in Jamshedpur, is a businessman. In his busy life, he definitely finds time for his daughter. His daughters Bontha Nishita and Bontha Nimisha learn Kathak at Sangeet Samaj Telco. Leaving all the work, father goes to drop them to dance class. They tell that with their so much support, both the daughters remain happy throughout the day. That’s why every parent must take out time for their child. Not only this, while learning Kathak, when the daughter felt that she had to learn guitar and painting, the father came forward for this also. Today both are also learning guitar and painting at home. Nishita and Nimisha have received awards in many school and district level competitions. His dream is to perform on the big stage. For which she is working hard. In which both his parents have support. Gopal tells that for some reason he could not leave his daughter for dance class, so wife Bontha goes to drop Kaleshwari. She tells that since childhood she saw interest in dance. They wanted to teach Bharatanatyam, but due to non-availability of a teacher on time, they started Kathak classes. She tells that parents should give time to the children. Know about his interest and hobby. When a person fulfills his hobby, the stress gets reduced. This is also a big advantage of it.

Be a true parent by doing this:

Respect the wishes of the children.

Do not impose your will on children.

Make children your friend.

Every child is unique, so never compare with others.

Give small responsibilities.

Encourage to move forward.

Received scholarship in tabla playing with the help of mother

Payal Sen of Bagunnagar is a friend of son Devarun. Devarun shares every happiness and sorrow with his mother. The son expressed his desire to learn Tabla. Mother did not delay even a minute. As a result of this, Devarun started learning tabla from the age of five. Mother sits next to her and son does Riyaz. Payal tells that before going to school in the morning, he does riyaz for a while and at night. Do not impose your will on the son. For tabla playing, this year he has received CCRT (Centre for Cultural Resources and Training) scholarship from the Government of India. Devarun is learning Tabla from Amitabh Sen. Presently Vidya Bharti is a student of Class VIII in Chinmaya Vidyalaya.

There was no hindrance in son’s hobby of playing cricket

It is said that the feet of the child are visible only in the cradle. Tarakeshwar Singh, a resident of Sonari, sensed the interest of his son Manishi in his childhood. That’s why at the age of four, instead of school, he started sending to cricket academy. As a result, Manishi is playing Ranji Trophy today. Tarkeshwar tells that Manishi has played for India in Under-19. Apart from this, he also got the opportunity to see in Under 14, Under 16. Tarkeshwar says that he never let any obstacle come in front of his son’s hobby. Manishi has a great passion for cricket. Whom he did not let die. Presently Manishi is in BA Part One in Co-operative College. He did his schooling from DAV Bishtupur.

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child friendly home environment

Ekta Mishra, a resident of Vijaya Garden, is a teacher at Baridih High School. She says that the parents should make the environment of the house child-friendly, because the environment has a lot to do with it. If you give every comfort and facility to the children and there will be fights and quarrels in the house, then the children will not be able to move forward. She also says that the parents are no more in the house, the child has to live alone, this situation is also not good. Daughter Ayati Mishra always got mental support from her mother-in-law and father-in-law in her house. From grandfather Dr. Murlidhar Mishra, he got information about the country and the world outside the textbook. There used to be a debate with Grandpa on what is going on in the country and the world these days. The effect of this was that Ayati became a good speaker. He also got an award in ‘Young Parliamentarian’. Father Pinakpani Mishra is working in Tata Steel. After the job, his time was only for his daughter. He taught English to Ayati. Due to which his confidence increased. She could participate in competitions like Olympiad, Spell Bee. In September this year, she is taking admission in Masters in Economics and Finance at Singh College of London. He did his schooling from Hill Top Telco. Grandma Ashalata Mishra is her best friend.

Teaching Kathak dance along with teaching daughters

Devvroto Pal, a resident of Namda Basti, says that the attitude of the parents towards the children has changed. Every parent wants to give freedom to the child, he also gives it. He has a cow shop in Namda Basti itself. His two daughters Disha Paul (Class 10) and Deepsa Paul (Class 6) study in Valley View Telco. He never put any kind of pressure on his daughters. They tell that they do not compromise with the wishes of the child. Both his daughters are fond of dancing. Seeing interest, he put both of them in dance class.

only interested in daughter

Sonari resident Somujyoti Beat is working in Tata Steel. He explains that a good parent is the one who is open with the children. Understand children. Today’s parents have changed their attitude towards children. It is said that he always saw the interest of his daughter. Daughter Ayurdha used to draw on the walls of the house, on any paper. Seeing this talent, he put him in the drawing class. She is doing great in drawing today. Ayurdha is currently studying in class two in the convent school.

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What do experts say

Find the potential of children: Sivananda

Acharya Shivanand of Osho Dhara says that the parents should have fraternal behavior towards their children. When children become friends, they will share everything with you. With this, you will not have any problem in understanding the children. Discover the potential inside children. Let it shine. Every parent should learn from the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Always respect the views of children.

Give option, but resolve should be of children: Chandreshwar Khan

Motivational speaker Chandreshwar Khan says that successful parents are those who try to know the aspirations and desires of the children. Do discuss the alternative, but do not impose your will on the children. Parents can give options, but the decision will be of the child. If the parents could not do what they wanted to do at their age, then many times they try to impose it on the children. Never impose your wishes on children.


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