Babulal Marandi gave the task to the workers of BJP Scheduled ST Morcha, said – take a pledge to feed lotus


Jharkhand News: The special meeting of Jharkhand State BJP Scheduled Tribe Morcha was held under the chairmanship of Morcha State President Shiv Shankar Oraon. In this meeting, Jharkhand BJP State President Babulal Marandi, while attending, gave a task to the Morcha worker and said that the Morcha should strengthen its organization. Also said that all the tribes of Jharkhand should take a pledge to feed lotus on the reserved seat.

Workers should work to form BJP government in the country and state

The BJP state president said that tribal communities reside in eight Lok Sabha and 40 assembly constituencies in Jharkhand state. Front workers should work in all these areas. Work to form the BJP government in the country and the state. Said that today the state government is ignoring the issues like exploitation, atrocities, rapes happening on the tribals. At the same time, to divert the issues, BJP is trying to defame the governed states. This time the Hemant government has to be uprooted in the upcoming elections.

Intensive program will run in all the districts of the state from August to December

Highlighting the upcoming program of the BJP Scheduled Tribe Morcha, National President and MP Sameer Oraon said that intensive programs should be conducted in all the districts of Jharkhand state from August to December. Appoint in-charge in all the districts and strengthen the organization.

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Tribal society is not safe in Hemant government

Speaking on the rampant corruption in the state and atrocities on tribals, National Minister Asha Lakda said that tribal societies are not safe in the Hemant government. If peace is to be brought, then the BJP government will have to be brought in both the center and the state. Along with this, the Hemant government will have to be thrown out.

If you win the booth, you will win the election, instructions to follow the formula

Addressing the workers, Regional Organization Minister Nagendra ji said that the organization should be strengthened from the state to the booth level and the workers should migrate to the mandals including the districts. At the same time, Organization General Secretary Karmaveer said that there is a need to lay special emphasis on strengthening the booth. Also instructed to follow the formula of winning the election if the booth wins. The meeting was attended by Vice Presidents Gangotri Kujur, Awadhesh Singh Chero, Tala Marandi, Maneka Sardar, Rajendra Munda, Laxman Tudu, Arun Oraon, JB Tubid, Badkunwar Gagarai, Jayprakash Bhokta, Ravi Munda, Annu Lakda and all district general ministers. The operation was done by State General Secretary Bindeshwar Oraon and the vote of thanks was done by State Vice President Sukmani Hembram.

Pratul Shahdev targeted Hemant Sarkar

On the other hand, BJP’s state spokesperson Pratul Shahdev targeted the Hemant government. Said that all the schemes started during the tenure of Hemant Soren government have proved to be a failure. Now the government has announced to give employment to the youth and make them skilled by starting the Birsa Yojana under the Tamjham Se Sarathi Yojana. The public also knows that all the announcements of the government are made in the air.

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Petrol subsidy scheme is proving to be futile

BJP State Spokesperson told Chief Minister Hemant Soren that the scheme of 25 subsidy per liter of petrol to lakhs of ration card holders has failed. At present, less than one percent of the beneficiaries who can take advantage of this scheme are taking advantage of this scheme, whereas the government had started this scheme with great fanfare.

The unemployed of the state are not getting unemployment allowance

Pratul said that the government had announced to give five and seven thousand rupees monthly as unemployment allowance to all the unemployed. The welfare department is also surrendering its money every year. No one got unemployment allowance. It is said that the Hemant government is only making air-to-air announcements.

Migrant laborers did not get employment

He said that Chief Minister Hemant Soren had set up a portal to provide employment to migrant laborers returning during the Corona period in Jharkhand. Had promised that not a single migrant laborer would have to return and they would get employment in Jharkhand. The reality is that till date not a single person has got employment through this portal. All the laborers returned. Everyone knows the fate of the announcement of giving free electricity to the poor. Apart from this, all the announcements of this government which started with pomp have also met with a windfall.

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