Work to make Gaya railway station world class begins, facility of air concourse will be provided with two new buildings


Re-development work has been started to make Gaya railway station a world class railway station. In view of this, measurements have been taken to construct a big air concourse up to 100 meters from Delhi side middle overbridge at Gaya railway station. On the other hand, the work of making Delha side second entry gate is also going on. With its formation, those who spend time at the station waiting for the train will get relief. After its construction, about 9 thousand passengers will be able to sit together. At the same time, more than one thousand railway passengers will be able to travel by both the subways. With this, more than 15 hundred railway passengers will be able to reach from seven platforms to catch the train at one go.

The length of the air concourse to be built at Gaya railway station will be 80 meters and the width will also be 80 metres. The Air Concourse will be designed to serve multiple purposes. Discussions are on to remove some sheds and shops from the middle overbridge to a distance of 100 meters. However, officials say that air concourses should be made out of any wasted material.

what is called air concourse

The air concourse is constructed over the railway track. Their length can be from 80 to 100 meters and width can be between 15 to 30 meters. They have facilities like multi-use stalls, comfortable chairs and kids zone. These are connected to each platform through travelators, escalators and lifts, and trains pass under them. The atmosphere above them is like this. As if a passenger is sitting in an airy environment waiting for the trains.

What will be the facilities in the building

Officials say that two buildings will be built at Gaya Railway Station and Delha Side. It will have all the facilities. As main entry station building will have various facilities like departure lobby, vestibule, security check area with baggage scanner, help desk area, departure hall, toilets, RPF room and head TC room. Platform one will have unreserved waiting room, executive waiting room, retail stalls, toilets, baby food room and arrival hall for passengers arriving on platform number one. Mezzanine floor will be made in this building. There will be various railway offices on the ground floor and access control, metal detector system, baggage scanner system, additional waiting rooms, retail stalls, modular toilets, stairs, lifts, escalators etc. on the second floor. Escalators, lifts and stairs will be made for easy access to the first floor.

There will also be rain water harvesting

Railway officials say that the land will be leveled by demolishing the rail quarters, waiting hall etc. currently located at the station. After this, site office, labor camp etc. will be made at the station. This work is expected to start in September. The entire project will have green building features with features for reduction in energy consumption during construction as well as operation and maintenance. Which will be equipped with resources like waste processing, rain water harvesting along with renewable energy. This will change everything.

What is CPRO

In this regard, Hajipur’s CPRO Virendra Kumar said that along with making Gaya Junction a world class station, preparations will be started to make an air concourse. A plan is being made for this. On the other hand, a special meeting of officials has been held to make the Air Concourse. Many types of decisions have been taken in the meeting. After the construction of air concourse, railway passengers will get a lot of facilities at Gaya railway station.


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