The risk of eye flu started increasing as soon as the rains started, know how to avoid it


The rainy season brings with it many diseases along with rain. On one hand, where life is disturbed due to floods, on the other hand, people are also facing many diseases. One of which is eye flu. Flu cases are increasing in many areas. Everyday people are coming to the hospital with complaints of this flu. Now the question here is what is eye flu and how does it spread. So let’s know about this disease as well as the ways to avoid it.

what is eye flu

Eye flu, also known as conjunctivitis. There is a disease of the eyes. A person suffering from eye flu has to face problems like burning, pain and redness in the eyes. This disease is caused by a specific type of allergic reaction, but in many cases bacterial infection is also responsible for it. This infection starts with one eye only, but soon the other eye also gets affected. Viral conjunctivitis occurs due to any kind of infection in the respiratory system or nose-ear or throat. The infection starts with one eye only, but soon the other eye also gets affected.

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How does this disease spread

In the rainy season, problems like air pollution, moisture in the environment including fungal infection increase. Because of this, patients have problems related to the eyes. Taking proper care of the eyes in this season can reduce the problems of the patient. People who wear contact lenses in their eyes should take special precautions.

what is the symptom

Eyes turn red in eye flu. Water starts coming from the eyes. There is a strong burning sensation. Yellow and sticky liquid starts accumulating on the eyelids. Swelling occurs along with stinging in the eyes. Watering and itching of the eyes. When the infection increases further, there is hemorrhage, chymosis in the eyes and swelling of the eyelids. If the infection is deep, then due to this the cornea of ​​the eyes can also be damaged, due to which the vision of the eyes can be affected. The risk of eye flu is highest in children during the monsoon season.

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keep these things in case of eye flu

don’t touch your eyes frequently

Use tissue paper or clean cloth to clean the eyes. Throw away the used tissue paper or cloth after use. Be careful not to use it again. Do not make eye to eye contact with anyone.

Stay away from TV or mobile.

Contact the doctor immediately as soon as the symptoms of eye flu appear.

Keep washing the eyes with clean water.

If you have eye flu, you can wear spectacles.

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ways to prevent eye flu

Antibiotic ointment and lubricating eye drops are needed to get rid of eye flu. Therefore, do not take any medicine on your own without consulting the doctor.

Keep cleaning your hands regularly with handwash.

Take full care of cleaning the eyes and wash them repeatedly with cold water.

Avoid coming in contact with any infected person.

If there is such a problem, do not touch your eyes again and again. Wash hands thoroughly before putting eye drops in the eyes.

Applying ice on the eyes also provides relief from burning sensation and pain.

Avoid going to dirty and overcrowded places.

Do not shake hands with the infected person and do not touch their belongings like spectacles, towel, pillow etc. Similarly, do not share your towel, handkerchief and spectacles etc. with anyone.

If these things are taken care of, then this problem goes away within a week to fifteen days.

Disclaimer:The given information is taken from the internet. Before adopting any kind of remedy, do your own investigation and take the advice of experts. Prabhat does not confirm any information given.


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