JDU told BJP’s conspiracy to Manipur violence, sought answers to these ten questions…


Expressing grief over the misbehavior with women in Manipur, JDU’s national general secretary and spokesperson Rajeev Ranjan blamed the BJP for this. Asking ten questions to the BJP, he has sought its answer. Along with this, JDU national president Lalan Singh also said about Manipur violence that this incident has brought shame to the whole country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should answer this in the House.

JDU questions

Rajeev Ranjan asked that more than 70 thousand people had to leave their homes and run away in Manipur violence, what is the government doing for their compensation?

Asked that the naked parade of women took place in the presence of the police, BJP should tell why the police did not take action at that time? Whose pressure was on him?

In his question, Rajeev Ranjan asked why the government lost sleep after 77 days when the video of misbehavior with women went viral?

Rajeev Ranjan asked that in the midst of the violence, many leaders of the Center and the Home Minister himself went to Manipur, did the top police officials not inform them about this incident as well?

In his question, Rajeev Ranjan asked why the top officers were not being sacked immediately. Why is BJP saving him?

Rajeev Ranjan said that the BJP should tell from where the fanatics are getting sophisticated and deadly weapons like AK 47, INSAS, sniper rifle and rocket launcher?

Why has the intelligence department failed in this whole matter?

Why the crackdown after the intervention of the Supreme Court? Why not earlier?

There are more than a hundred cases of rape and murder on which no action has been taken? Why are the incidents of hysteria maximum in most of the BJP ruled states?

The Home Minister of the country gave the best police award to the police association which is investigating there now? Why did his performance turn out to be such a mess? What was the basis of awarding him?

Prime Minister Modi should answer in the house on the incident of Manipur – Lalan Singh

Here, JDU’s National President Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh has also said on Saturday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should answer in the House on the Manipur incident. The incident in Manipur has brought shame to the entire nation. He said that it is surprising that this incident happened two months ago. Despite being a double engine government, the country’s Prime Minister and Home Minister are not even aware of this incident.

What was the intelligence agency doing? – Lalan Singh

When the video goes viral, the Prime Minister expresses his reaction on it. Which government is this that even the Chief Minister of the State and the Prime Minister and the Home Minister of the country are not aware of such a big incident? The National President asked the question that what was the Intelligence Agency doing for so many days?

Lalan Singh taunted the Prime Minister

Taking a jibe at the Prime Minister, Lalan Singh said that the respect of the country does not increase just by roaming abroad and making people shout. When we ensure the safety of the citizens of the country and solve the problems of the general public, then the respect of the country will increase. Due to the incident in Manipur, the respect of our country has dropped all over the world. For so many months, Manipur has been burning in the fire of violence, but the Prime Minister of the country has no time to express sympathy towards Manipur. The Home Minister is doing his tour across the country, but he finds time to visit Manipur only two months after the violence started.

Supreme Court took cognizance then PM woke up: Lalan Singh

Lalan Singh said that the Prime Minister woke up when the Supreme Court took cognizance of the incident in Manipur. The public will give a befitting reply to such an insensitive government in 2024. Referring to the Begusarai incident, the National President said that the main accused has been arrested within 24 hours. This is an example of good governance.

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Chanting on Manipur incident burnt the effigy of Union Home Minister

At the same time, on the Manipur issue, the Jan Adhikar Party organized a statewide protest on Saturday. In protest against the treatment meted out to women there, JAP workers burnt the effigy of the Union Home Minister and demanded his resignation. State President Raghavendra Kushwaha said that the Prime Minister and the Home Minister are still silent on the violence in Manipur. After the intervention of the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister has only expressed regret. Our demand is that President’s rule should be imposed after dismissing the Manipur government.


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