In Bihar, the filing will be rejected immediately after land acquisition, the claim of double compensation in NH construction will be banned


Now, immediately after the acquisition of land for NH construction in Bihar, the land will have to be rejected in the name of the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. These instructions have been given to the officials of the ministry and its related agency in the state. The purpose of this is to stop the forgery of taking compensation again by the descendants of the land owner. Along with this, the old ryot or any other person will not be able to claim the ownership of the acquired land.

Filing and dismissal process of acquired land complicated

According to sources, the filing/dismissal process of such acquired land is complicated at present. For this reason, it takes a long time to get the new filing rejected after acquisition. Along with this, due to non-rejection of the new filing of a lot of land, it used to remain in the name of the old ryot. After a few years, the government had to pay for this again by giving compensation.

The filing process of such land is complicated

According to sources, after land acquisition and distribution of compensation for NH construction, there is a rule to get the filing rejected in the name of Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The responsibility of its process rests with the officials of the ministry or the agency attached to it in the state. An application is made on their behalf for rejection of the new filing. Due to the complexity of the process of demanding and checking related documents from the Zonal Office, there is a possibility of taking a long time or canceling the application. On the other hand, the process of rejecting the filing hangs even after the transfer of the responsible official of the ministry.

risk of reimbursement

According to the sources, after a few years the land remains in the name of the old tenant, there is a danger of recovering the compensation for the same acquired land again. Experts say that after a few years the documents and evidence related to land acquisition are destroyed. In such a situation, some thug type of ryots live in this furyak and keep on finding out. After the destruction of the evidence and the land remaining in the name of the old ryot, they claim compensation by complaining about not getting compensation in the thug type ryot (old landowner) court. In such a situation, in the absence of evidence, they get compensation after instructions from the court.

The incident has happened in NH-104

Experts say that at the time of land acquisition for the construction of NH-104, compensation was given to the concerned ryot by the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms. The deed of that land was left in the name of the old ryot. After about 21 years, the evidence related to distribution of compensation for that land was destroyed. In such a situation, after about 22 years, the descendants of Raiyat prayed for not getting compensation in the court and to get it. Due to lack of evidence on this, the concerned had to pay compensation again.

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Cuts connecting rural roads will be closed

Here, the negligence of road construction, NHAI and Rural Works Department has come to the fore in preventing road accidents. These three departments did not take care of road safety standards while making the road. Construction departments will be asked to install signage during road construction itself. The situation like turn, slope, height, sharp turn, winding will also be asked to be shown from the board. Along with this, all the cuts connecting to the rural roads will be closed. The department will soon send a letter in this regard to the concerned departments.

Road accidents are happening due to darkness

Apart from this, a request will also be made to the concerned department to install street lights along the major roads so that accidents due to darkness can be prevented. This decision has been taken after reviewing the road safety standards in the construction of roads.

Standards are not followed on most of the roads

It has been found in the review that the construction departments did not comply with the standards on most of the roads. Whereas, the road was constructed but warnings were not written for the safety of the passengers. Neither the signages have been put up nor there is a sharp turn ahead like boards have been put up. In the absence of signage, while driving, the passengers do not realize what is the condition of the road ahead. Because of this, passengers passing through the new route come under the grip of vehicles. To deal with this situation, the department has decided that all road safety standards should be strictly followed on the roads.


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