Health care: Fungal infection can increase in rain, know who is more at risk


Health care: Along with providing relief from the humidity, the rain also brings with it many seasonal diseases. A little caution did not go away that health problems started arising in every house. One of these problems is that of fungal infection. Fungal infections also cause aggravation in conditions especially related to skin problems. Damp air and lack of sunlight favor the growth of many types of fungal infections. Due to moisture in the air, the sweat dries on the skin itself, due to which a layer is formed in which the fungus is likely to grow. Fungal infections can affect the skin between the toes, groin area, thighs, buttocks and even the eyes during the rainy season. From itchy skin to vaginal yeast infection, many skin related problems affect the health and require the treatment of a doctor.

A look at common fungal infections in monsoon

athlete’s foot (tinea pedis)

It is a common fungal infection that affects the skin of the feet, especially between the toes. It thrives in warm and moist environments like moist shoes. Usually, athlete’s foot occurs in those people who have a lot of sweating in their feet inside tight shoes. Talking about its symptoms, there is a crust on the skin, these infections usually cause itching, stinging and burning sensation. Its treatment includes antifungal drugs.

Athlete’s foot

ringworm (tinea corporis)

Ringworm (tinea corporis) is a skin infection caused by a fungus. It causes circular, red and itchy spots on the skin and can occur on different parts of the body. It can spread through contact with infected skin.

Ringworm Jock itch (Tinea cruris)

jock itch (tinea cruris)

Jock itch (tinea cruris) is a type of fungal infection that affects the groin area, inner thighs and buttocks, causing itching, redness and a rash. This situation arises when people wear such tight clothes, in which moisture remains inside. For its treatment, the area between the abdomen and the thigh should be kept clean and dry, along with the use of related antifungal medicines is advised.

nail fungus (onychomycosis)

nail fungus

Due to fungal infection in the nails, they become thick, brittle and rough. It can cause discolouration and breakage of the nails, usually in the toes, sometimes accompanied by pain and foul smell.



Candidiasis is a very common fungal infection caused by the Candida fungus and can affect various parts of the body, such as the mouth, the genital area of ​​women, and infecting the folds of the skin.

aspergillosis aspergillus


Aspergillus, the fungus that causes the infection. It can be found both inside and outside the house. This fungal infection is caused by the Aspergillus mold and can be especially worrisome for individuals with weakened immune systems or respiratory conditions. It can cause serious infections by affecting the sinuses and lungs.

fungal keratitis

Fungal keratitis is a serious fungal infection that affects the cornea of ​​the eye and can lead to vision problems if not treated promptly. There can be many reasons for this fungal infection. For example, injury to the eye or contact lens is the most common cause of fungal keratitis. Eye pain, redness in the eyes, blurred vision, straining to see, watery eyes, reaction to light are all symptoms of fungal keratitis. If any such problem comes in the rainy season, you should immediately go to your eye doctor to check for fungal keratitis.

Fungal keratitis

To avoid fungal infection in the rainy season, it is important that you do not share your personal things with others. Like towels, shoes, comb and nail cutter should be used by yourself. If for some reason you have become wet in the rain, immediately dry the body completely and wear dry clothes. If a person is suffering from fungal infection, then avoid sharing any of his belongings because it can spread the infection from one person to another. Keep your footwear clean and dry. Pay attention to the cleanliness of your nails as well as include immunity-boosting foods in your daily routine.

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