Female actors in Bollywood act much better than male actors, why did Manav Kaul say this?


Actor Manav Kaul is continuously active in all the three mediums of theatre, films and web series acting. These days he is seen in the film Trial Period being streamed in Jio Cinema. He is seen in a different style in this film. He is in the role of Prajapati Dwivedi in this film. Manav says that he was director Aleya Sen’s first choice for this character. This thing makes him very happy that people’s trust in me is increasing. Carrying the film on your shoulders is special. I am very thankful to the makers of this film for this.

seek innovation in character

In his acting career so far, Manav has garnered accolades for many roles. What appeals to him the most in a script as an actor. Talking on this, Manav says, I get very excited when I join a new film. During my first meeting with the director of that film, I tried to find the same enthusiasm. I saw four times more enthusiasm in Aleya during the trial period. I meet the director again and again and try to understand his attitude. Because we actors ultimately perform according to the directors. Along with this, I like to play with the character. Likes to surprise through character. If you can’t do anything new with the character, then I don’t see any point in doing the film.

good artists together

Manav is paired opposite Genelia in the film ‘Trial Period’. Genelia has returned to acting after a long time. Talking about working with Genelia, Manav said, ‘She is the same off screen as you see Genelia on screen. They became good friends within two-three days. And it seemed that Genelia had known me for a long time. We used to talk about books more than acting. Along with Genelia, he does not forget to praise child artist Zidan. He says that usually I do not get along with too many children, but this child was different. We had a very special bonding on the set. We loved spending time together off screen as well. There are many scenes of Manav with Gajraj Rao in the film. He tells of the days of theater with Gajraj. They have been friends for many years, so on the sets of the trial period, many good artists got together. Sometimes Gajraj’s performance used to surprise me. An emotional scene with him in the film, after doing that, I became more of his fan.

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actresses are better than actors

In his career so far, Manav Kaul has worked with many veteran actresses on screen. He got the support of Vidya Balan in the film Tumhari Sulu, then he appeared with Madhuri Dixit in Fame Game. Describing his experience of working with these veteran actresses as excellent, Manav also says that the female artists of our country act much better than the male artists. Take a look at the list of top ten male and female artists. You will see that girls are far ahead in terms of acting. I am very fortunate that I got the opportunity to work with such wonderful actresses. It has been a wonderful experience. One that I will always count as very special.

got more than enough

Manav Kaul has been active in the industry since 2003, when his first film Jajanataram Mamantaram came. Are there any regrets associated with my film career of two decades. On this, the actor replies bluntly saying that what a regret? I am very happy. I think what I got is a lot. You could say I got more than I needed. And I have no regrets. I like to work Apart from acting, I like to write, read books and travel. I balance all this together.

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