Monsoon Baby Care Tips: Newborn’s first monsoon, take special care like this


Monsoon Baby Care : In the rainy month, from children to elders, special care is needed for their health. In such a situation, if there is a newborn in the house in this season, it is necessary to worry about its health. In fact, the risk of infection increases due to diseases caused by mosquitoes and dirty water in the rain. That’s why special care of new born baby is very important because their immune system is not strong enough to fight infection on its own. We can take care of our newborn by taking care of some important things.

Newborn’s first monsoon

Monsoon Baby Care

protect newborn from mosquitoes

The most important care is to protect the baby from mosquito bites during monsoon. When a mosquito bites on the soft skin of children, it feels very painful. There may also be red marks or swelling on his skin. Due to which he keeps crying continuously, so to avoid this, make the child sleep inside the mosquito net. Also check that no mosquito has already entered the mosquito net. Keep the windows and doors of his room closed so that mosquitoes do not enter inside the house. Use mosquito repellent made from herbal products to drive away mosquitoes. Do not take the children out of the house in the evening, if it is necessary to take them then make the children wear fully covered clothes. So that mosquitoes can’t bite him.

Always keep your house clean

In the rainy season, whether it is outside the house or inside the house, the dirt grows quickly, in which flies and mosquitoes start to flourish, so keep the drain and courtyard clean outside the house as well. Also clean every corner of your house thoroughly. Try that there is no accumulation of water anywhere in the house. No corner should remain wet. Wipe the floor with a disinfectant solution to reduce the risk of infection.

Check baby’s diaper regularly

Diapers are worn to keep the children dry, but many times if it is not checked, the child remains lying in wet diapers for many hours. Therefore, your child should not be troubled by diaper rashes and cold, so keep checking his nappy at some intervals. Make the child wear cotton clothes which are also a little thick, due to this the body temperature of the child will remain normal and his skin will be able to breathe.

hand hygiene is important

In the rain, germs often attack the body through the hands. That’s why mothers should always keep their and their child’s nails short. The dirt of our hands can also affect the health of children, so parents should also keep washing their hands with good handwash. Apart from cleaning your hands, it is necessary to keep cleaning your child’s hands as well.

always drink clean water

Dirty water is a major cause of diseases that spread during the rainy season. Drinking contaminated water increases the risk of waterborne diseases. Therefore, if you want to avoid infection, always boil water and feed it to the baby and drink clean water yourself.

Avoid going to crowded and dirty places

Due to rain, drain water gets accumulated on the roads in many places. Drain waste is also scattered on the roads and whenever you go to these places with your child, this dirt comes to the house along with the mud, which brings many diseases with it, so in this season, do not take the newborn to such places. Avoid going There are many types of people in the crowd who can have many types of infections, in such a situation the newborn is also at risk of getting infected.

Children’s oil massage will strengthen the muscles

Oil massage of the newborn is very important. This gives strength to his bones and muscles. Oil massage in the rain will give him warmth. Due to which the risk of diseases can be reduced. Mustard oil is a great option for massage. After the massage, you can bathe the baby if you want. Instead of bathing the new born baby every day in monsoon, sponge it well.

Monsoon Baby Care

A mother can understand the mind of her child through expressions, she remains happy only when her child’s health is good. In such a situation, these special tips can prove to be helpful in protecting the health of your newborn. The most important thing is that one should never be negligent in the health of the newborn. If you have any concerns, see a doctor immediately

Monsoon Baby Care


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