VIDEO: Vande Bharat train going from Bhopal to Delhi caught fire, panic among passengers


Fire In Vande Bharat Express Train : There is news of a fire in the Vande Bharat train going from Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal to New Delhi. If sources are to be believed, a fire broke out in the battery box of a coach of the Vande Bharat Express train coming from Bhopal to Delhi on Monday morning. This news was later confirmed by railway officials as well. While talking to the media, the officer said that no one was injured in the incident and nothing much was caused by the incident.

#WATCH , Madhya Pradesh | A fire was reported in battery box of one of the coaches in a Vande Bharat Express at Kurwai Kethora station. Fire brigade reached the site and extinguished the fire. All passengers are safe. No injuries reported. The fire is limited to Battery Box Only.…

— ANI MP/CG/Rajasthan (@ANI_MP_CG_RJ) July 17, 2023

Fire found under control, railway workers doing repair work

It is being told that there were only 20-22 passengers in the coach in which the fire broke out. He was transferred to another coach soon after the incident. The official also said that some railway staff noticed a fire in the battery box of C-12 coach at around 6.45 am following which the Rani Kamlapati-Hazrat Nizamuddin Vande Bharat train was immediately stopped between Kurwai and Kaithora stations in Vidisha district. Went. The official said that the fire was immediately brought under control. He told that railway employees are doing repair work.

Why and how did the fire start? its investigation continues

However, the investigation into why and how this fire started is going on. Due to the small size of the fire, it could be brought under control immediately. The fire mainly broke out in the battery box of the coach. Now the employees and officers of the railway are engaged in repairing it. Let us inform that not much time has passed since the commencement of this Vande Bharat Express. Passengers traveling in the train told in the course of conversation that suddenly smoke rose near the battery in coach C-14. After this, flames started coming out of the battery box. Before Bina railway station, the train was stopped at Kurwai Kethora and the passengers got off safely. Then there was breath in his breath.

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Chief Public Relations Officer of West Central Railway, Rahul Srivastava told that the Rani Kamalapati-Hazrat Nizamuddin Vande Bharat Express train left Bhopal at 5.40 am. “When it was passing through Kalhar station, the station manager noticed smoke coming out of the battery box of C-14 bogie, following which he informed senior officials and stopped the train at Kurwai-Kathora station,” he said in a statement. Went.’ He told that the fire brigade personnel brought the fire under control at around 8 am. The official said that the battery box is at a considerable distance from the seats of the passengers under the bogie. Once the battery box catches fire, the electrical protection system disconnects the batteries from it. He told that the batteries were removed and the fire was extinguished. The official said that the railway employees are doing the repair work.

PM Modi had flagged off the train on June 27.

Let us inform that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had flagged off five Vande Bharat Express trains together on June 27 last month. PM Modi flagged off five Vande Bharat Express trains from Rani Kamlapati railway station in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Except Prime Minister Rani Kamalapati-Jabalpur Vande Bharat Express, the remaining four trains were virtually flagged off.

Tourism will get a boost

The Khajuraho-Bhopal-Indore Vande Bharat Express will connect Malwa region and Bundelkhand region to Bhopal, which will improve connectivity between the two regions. This will benefit important tourist places like Mahakaleshwar, Mandu, Maheshwar, Khajuraho, Panna. In such a situation, where the Vande Bharat Express train is being started one by one in each state, on the other hand, due to a sudden fire in the battery box of this train, an atmosphere of panic was created.

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Vande Bharat Express is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities

If we talk about Vande Bharat Express train, then this train is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. At the same time, the driver of Vande Bharat train has appealed to the passengers not to cause any damage to the property of the train and enjoy the journey. He said that many better facilities have been given to the passengers in the train. This facility is very good for the passengers in terms of both safety and comfort.


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