Surat: Fire broke out on the 11th floor due to the flame of a lamp placed on Tulsi Kund.


Tulsi lamp is lit daily in every house. Now even in high-rise buildings, the incident of not being careful while lighting the lamp near the Tulsi pot has come to the fore. The flame of a lamp broke out in a flat on the 11th floor in Surat’s Althan. Due to which there was an atmosphere of chaos around. However, no injuries have been reported.

A sudden fire broke out on the 11th floor of Rameshwar Hills opposite D-Mart in Surat’s Althan area. So an atmosphere of fear has been created. Seeing the seriousness of the incident, the flat owner immediately extinguished the fire with a fire bottle and averted a major accident. It was learned that the lamp kept above the Tulsi pot in the gallery of the flat caught fire due to moving of the curtain due to wind.

Maruti Sonavane (Fire Officer) said that the team immediately reached the spot after getting information about the incident. The curtains were burning in the gallery on the 11th floor of the high-rise apartment, vehicles were dispatched from the fire stations of Majura, Bhestan and Vesu. However, the fire was doused before the arrival of the firemen. The cause of the fire was a lamp burning on a Tulsi plant kept in the gallery. The fire started when the curtains of the gallery were blown in the wind and came in contact with a burning lamp. To control the fire in the building, the neighbor immediately used fire fighting equipment and the fire was brought under control.


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