Laparoscopic surgery is effective in the treatment of infertility, know what experts say


Laparoscopic surgery is proving to be very effective in the treatment of infertility. Through this, it is very easy to treat lumps from ovary or any other part, due to which the success rate of this operation has increased a lot. This is to say of Dr. Neelu Prasad, Assistant Professor of NMCH. Dr. Neelu Prasad recently attended a CME held in Hyderabad. There was a discussion on minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery in gynecological oncology. In this regard, Dr. Neelu Prasad told that in IVF, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and robotic surgery have come up with new and very effective techniques for the treatment of uterus, testicles. He further said that earlier the chances of success in open surgery were less. There was a lot of trouble too. But the success rate in laparoscopic surgery has increased a lot. In this, if the patient is operated in the morning, he can go back home in the evening.

robotic surgery can also cure

The expert told that the merge which is not possible to be treated with laparoscopic surgery, can be done with robotic surgery. Robotic surgery will bring a revolution in the treatment of uterine cancer. Although it is expensive now, but it will also be brought to Patna when the need of the people is seen.

what is laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is one such method that can improve your chances of getting pregnant. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive type of surgery that is often used to diagnose or treat fertility problems. Laparoscopic surgery offers significant benefits to individuals facing infertility.

improvement in ovulation – If there is a lesion or nutritive nodule smaller than the size of a thumb in a woman’s ovary, then laparoscopy can be useful. This treatment can help create a healthy environment for sperm and increase the chances of conception.

improvement in uterus Laparoscopy can be useful if a woman has a disorder in her uterus, such as polyps, fibroids, or any other uterine problem. It can help in improving the efficiency of implantation and conception.

knee training – If the woman has PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) problem, then laparoscopy can be useful. In this, the doctor pierces with a pinch of hole for the improvement of the ovary. It can help restore ovarian health by changing body mechanisms.

tubal track revision If the woman’s tubals have been connected, laparoscopy can help in the treatment of infertility. Doctors can use this technique to open the passage of tubal and increase the chances for conception.

no painful procedure

Laparoscopic infertility treatment is a non-invasive procedure and takes less time, giving the patient the advantage of a faster recovery. This technique is recognized and is now commonly used in the treatment of infertility.


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