dig appealed to other naxalites on surrender of 6 lakhs bounty naxali said join the mainstream smj | Jharkhand: DIG Anoop Birthare’s appeal on the surrender of Naxalites with a reward of 6 lakhs, said


This is how he became a Naxalite, was expert in making IED bombs

Khudi Munda told reporters that he had joined the Maoists in the year 1996 after being influenced by his cousin Bobby Munda. He told that whenever his cousin used to come to the village, he used to deliver the goods and inform about the movement of the police. After this, in the year 1999, along with Bobby Munda, he was involved in looting of weapons and many Naxalite incidents in Lapung area. Arrested in the year 2001 and went to jail. Got to know the members of many extremist organizations in the jail. Came out of jail in the year 2005. Due to personal dispute in the village, CPI came in contact with Maoist commander Manoj Nagesia and Sylbester Lakda. Started roaming with the squad in Palkot, Kolebira, Simdega Gumla. In the year 2008, he was made the Area Commander of Palkot, Kolebira, Simdega, Gumla. In the year 2009, he was made the sub-zonal commander of Palkot-Simdega by Regional Commander Sylbester Lakra. Along with this, .315 rifle, mobile and manpack were given. From the year 2009 to the year 2016, Palkot-Simdega remained continuously. From the year 2016 to 2019, the IED remained active in Budha Pahar and other areas after receiving training in making other types of bombs, staying in the company of SAC member Naveen. In the year 2019, due to the weakness of the organization in the Palkot area, he was again made the sub-zonal commander of the Palkot-Simdega area.


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