What is cluster bomb… Putin is threatening Ukraine, know how deadly this weapon is


The war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine is going to be one and a half year now. Russia is continuously attacking Ukraine. Here, many countries of Europe including America are giving assistance to Ukraine. In the midst of the deepening war, there is news that the cluster bombs given by America have reached Ukraine. Russia has also expressed displeasure about this matter. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia has a substantial stockpile of cluster bombs and warned that Ukraine has the right to retaliate if it uses the controversial weapon.

Putin threatenedSignificantly, in his first comment on the supply of cluster bombs from the US to Ukraine, Russian President Putin has said in an interview that Russia has not used a single cluster bomb so far in its war in Ukraine. Putin has said that till now we have not done this, we have not used it and we have not had any such need. However, the use of cluster bombs by both Russia and Ukraine has been widely reported, and cluster bombs have been found following Russian attacks.

America gave cluster bombsRussia TV reporter Pavel Zarubin published excerpts of the interview on his Telegram channel on Sunday before a broadcast last Sunday. In which it is being said that the Pentagon says that the cluster bombs given by America on Thursday have arrived in Ukraine. Expressing anger on this, Putin has said that Russia also has a sufficient stock of cluster bombs.

Cluster bomb is released in the air from a heightLet us tell you, the cluster bomb is released in the air from a height and thousands of small bombs come out from inside it, which cause huge destruction at the targeted place. A large number of people have died in the past using cluster bombs. This is the reason why many countries refrain from using cluster bombs. Last week, US leaders discussed this complex issue for months before taking a final decision on behalf of US President Joe Biden.

use away from densely populated areasBefore taking cluster bombs from America, Ukraine has promised to use them away from densely populated areas. Ukraine’s military said on Sunday morning that in the past 24 hours, Russia carried out strikes by two Iran-made Shahed drones, fired two cruise missiles and fired two anti-aircraft missiles, in addition to 40 airstrikes and 46 attacks from rocket launchers. Donetsk governor Pavlo Kirilenko said two residents of the area were killed on Saturday, and another person was injured.

Cluster bomb is banned in 123 countriesTell me, America has given cluster bomb to Ukraine, but also tell that 123 countries of the world have banned this bomb. However, apart from America and Russia, Ukraine is also not included in those countries. At the same time, according to media reports, America has told Ukraine that it will not use these bombs on foreign soil.

what is a cluster bombActually, cluster bomb is a special weapon. It should be a set of many small bombs which are kept inside a big bomb. Cluster bombs are used to attack a large area simultaneously. Smaller bombs are called submunitions or bomblets. These bombs are released in the enemy’s territory through fighter planes. It can also be fired through missiles.

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was used extensively in World War IICluster bombs have been used extensively in World War II. These bombs were dropped in the enemy’s territory by bomber planes. A large area was damaged by these bombs. Not every small bomb released from a cluster bomb explodes. Sometimes 30 to 40 percent of the cluster bombs do not explode. Which later explode after coming in contact with someone.


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