S from Gujarat. BJP’s three Rajya Sabha candidates including Jaishankar elected unopposed


Ahmedabad, July 17 (Hindustan Times). All the three BJP candidates have been elected unopposed on 3 Rajya Sabha seats from Gujarat. These include Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and two other candidates Kesaridev Singh Jhala and Babubhai Desai.

The three MPs will take oath in the Parliament session starting on July 20. While the Congress did not submit a single form this time, the dummy candidates of the BJP also withdrew their names, due to which the election did not come about. Rajni Patel, Raghu Humbal and Prerak Shah were nominated as dummy from BJP. Monday was the last for withdrawal of nominations.

The date of polling for 3 Rajya Sabha seats from Gujarat was fixed on July 24, but now all the three candidates have been declared elected unopposed. The BJP has hoisted saffron on three seats before the official result of the election for 10 Rajya Sabha seats is declared. Now the Election Commission will make its official announcement.


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