Monsoon Travel: Do not visit these places in monsoon, otherwise you may be badly disturbed, see list


Monsoon Travels: Monsoon season has started. In this season, tourists like to enjoy the rain. Some people wait for the monsoon every year so that they can go for a walk in the hilly areas. But do you know that due to excessive rain during monsoon, problems like landslides and floods increase in these places. So let’s know which places should be avoided in monsoon.


If you are planning to visit Uttarakhand in monsoon, then cancel it, because problems like landslides increase here along with heavy rains in monsoon. Like every year, this year also mountains are slipping in Uttarakhand. Along with this, the level of rivers in Uttarakhand increases a lot during monsoon, and due to this flood situation arises. This can put lives in danger and affect your safety. Not only this, the roads in Uttarakhand become more slippery and dangerous during the rains. Which are very dangerous. So stay away and take note of local administrative updates before traveling.


You should avoid visiting Kullu during monsoon as you can face dangers there at this time. Because Kull is situated in a hilly area, the chances of landslides are high during rains. Avoid going to Kullu during monsoon to avoid the risk of landslides. Not only this, avoid going near the rivers here during the rains.


Kerala is famous all over the world for its natural beauty. People from far and wide come to visit here. If you are planning to visit Kerala during monsoon, then cancel it. Because at this time the scene here becomes very dangerous. Due to heavy rainfall, the chances of landslides in Kerala are high during rains. Also, there is a possibility of severe winds and cyclonic storms during the monsoon. Avoid roaming to avoid these winds.


At this time, if you are planning to travel in the capital Delhi, then cancel it. Because of the rains, waterlogging has started here. There has been waterlogging due to rain around Old Delhi, Jama Masjid and Red Fort. Here Yamuna river has crossed the danger mark. Which is not right for roaming.


The condition of Mumbai has deteriorated during the monsoon. Due to rains day and night, a flood-like situation has arisen here. People are not able to get out of the houses. In such a situation, if you are planning to visit Delhi ie film city, then cancel it now. Because it is not free from danger these days.

Kalimpong (West Bengal)

Kalingpong, the hill station of West Bengal, is a very beautiful place in itself. Every year people come to visit here. Some people even come here to visit in monsoon. If you are also planning to visit Kalingpong in this season, then cancel it immediately. Because going here in the rainy season can prove to be quite dangerous. Due to landslides on hilly roads, you can be stuck on the way for hours or there is a possibility of becoming a victim of an accident. That’s why one should not go to Kalingpong in monsoon.


Tourists from India and abroad come to visit Assam. This state is famous for its natural beauty. But if you are planning to go to Assam in monsoon then cancel it. Because due to rain, floods and landslides continue here. In view of which a warning has also been issued in the state. Like every year, this year too many villages here have been submerged by floods. In such a situation, this place is not safe to visit at this time.

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Himachal Pradesh

There are many hill stations in Himachal where every year tourists from India and abroad come to visit. In such a situation, if you are planning to visit here in monsoon, then cancel it. Because in this season, going to the mountain roads and hill stations here is like inviting danger.



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