Monsoon showed weak in Bihar, know why there is a possibility of drought in the state even in the midst of heavy rains and floods?


These days it is raining heavily in Bihar, and in some places flood situation has arisen, despite this, fear of drought is being raised in the entire state. If we look at the latest figures of rainfall, there is not a single district in the state, where rainfall has been normal or more. The amount of rain in all the districts is negative. Of course, there are 11 districts where even after the rainfall is less than 3 to 19%, these districts have been kept in the category of normal rainfall.

Know how much rain has been recorded

Actually, 20% or less rainfall is considered normal according to the seasonal term. So far, in some districts, there has been 65 to 70% less rainfall. Sitamarhi has received 75% less rainfall. Similarly, 68% less rainfall has been received in Sheohar, 60% in East Champaran, 58% in Begusarai and 57% in West Champaran.

Rain will be less than average this month too

The forecast of the Meteorological Department regarding rain in July is not encouraging. The rainfall in July may be slightly less than normal. From the beginning of the second week till now, the necessary system for the activation of monsoon has not been formed. That’s why the monsoon is weak or near normal. However, this year the situation is better than last year. Last year till July 16, the state had received 196 mm of rain, 46% less than normal. So far this year, Bihar has received 236 mm of rain, 32% less than normal.

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Rainfall in these districts is three to 19% less:

This range includes Araria, Arwal, Aurangabad, Bhagalpur, Bhojpur, Buxar, Katihar, Kishanganj, Rohtas, Siwan and Supaul.

These districts received 50% or less rainfall:

Seemamarhi 75%, Sheohar 68%, East Champaran 60%, Begusarai 58%, West Champaran 57%, Saharsa 55%, Saran 54%, Samastipur 53%, and Muzaffarpur 52% less rainfall. happened.

Where will it rain in the next 24 hours

In the next 24 hours, there are chances of rain in South-West and North-West Bihar. There is also a possibility of thunder falling in this area. Monsoon is not yet in a very active state.

meteorologist’s opinion

Monsoon is not yet in active condition. Sporadic rains will continue due to special weather conditions. At present, the amount of rainfall in the state is negative. To cover it, the system is not visible for the next four-five days.

– Ashish Kumar, Senior Meteorologist, IMD Patna

storm damage

Significantly, when the monsoon knocked in Bihar, people heaved a sigh of relief. It rained all over the state and the farmers got its benefits. At the same time, lightning also killed many people in the state. This rain of disaster harmed many families. At the same time, flood situation has also developed in many districts.

flood due to rain

Incessant rains created a flood situation in the state. Many areas started appearing to be submerged. Flood is being seen in many rivers of the state. Talking about Kosi and Seemanchal region, flood water has entered more than 100 villages. In many places in Araria, Supaul and Purnia, water has entered above the roads. Many roads have been destroyed. At the same time, due to erosion, people are facing new problems.

People worried in summer, ground water level dropped

It should be mentioned that this time in Bihar, the heat was severe and many people died due to heat stroke. The situation was such that people were somehow trying to save their lives. In many districts of the state, the temperature had reached 44 degrees. In the summer season, the conditions of public curfew were visible. Wherein the rivers and other water sources had dried up. The water inside the ground had also started going down continuously and the situation was seen in many districts where it was found in the survey that the water had gone below the abyss.

52 to 75 percent less rain in 10 districts so far

When the heat increased, it affected the water sources. Water stopped coming out of the hand pump. Due to which the problems of the people started increasing and the falling ground water level had become a matter of concern. At the same time, the condition of rains in the monsoon also remained such that more than normal rainfall could not be recorded anywhere in the state, due to which there is a possibility of drought in the state. According to the report, 52 to 75 percent less rainfall has been recorded in 10 districts so far. It remains to be seen how much the situation will change due to rain in the coming days.


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