Mexico: Masked attackers arson, nine people killed


masked gunmen Mexico A market in the central city of Toluca opened fire after opening fire on Monday, killing nine people. The officers provided this information. Prosecutors said the attackers arrived at the market, opened fire, and then sprinkled a part of the market with inflammable material and set it on fire before fleeing.

Three of those who lost their lives were below 18 years of age.

He told that the age of three of those who lost their lives appears to be less than 18 years. His identity has not been established yet. Prosecutors said in a statement that the security personnel were not on duty at the time of the attack and this aspect is also being investigated.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack

No one has yet taken responsibility for the attack. Public markets in Mexico are often set on fire by gangs extorting vendors, but disputes between some vendors over the possession of spaces within the markets also continue.

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