It will be decided in the Bengaluru meeting who will command the opposition unity, know what is the latest update about Nitish


Major opposition parties after the capital Patna (Opposition Party Meeting) on 18th July at Bengaluru (Opposition Party Meeting In Bengaluru) is going to have a meeting. Opposition parties before Lok Sabha elections 2024Opposition Party) this is going to be the second meeting. Sources say that many important decisions can be taken in this meeting. 24 opposition parties are going to participate in this meeting. It is being said that in this meeting CM Nitish Kumar (Bihar CM Nitish Kumar) that important decisions can also be taken. Earlier, a meeting was held in Bihar’s capital Patna on June 23. Leaders of 16 opposition parties had participated in this meeting, then it was decided among all the parties that in the second meeting all the political parties would hold important discussions on all their issues. Due to this, it is being speculated that in the meeting to be held on July 18, it can be decided under whose leadership the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024 will be fought.

Big decision can be taken regarding Nitish

Sources say that in the meeting to be held in Bengaluru on July 18, some big decision can also be taken regarding Nitish Kumar. In fact, the first meeting of the opposition parties in Patna was held on the initiative of Nitish Kumar. But, the role of Congress is being considered important in the Bengaluru meeting. Here, the discussion has intensified in the political corridors of Bihar that what will be the role of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar? Political pundits say that Nitish Kumar is said to have good relations with many leaders who are not in the anti-BJP camp at present.

Nitish Kumar can play an important role in bringing them along with him if needed in the coming times. Along with this, Nitish Kumar is also recognized as a big OBC leader of North India. Whose caste vote plays an important role in many states of the Hindi belt. Due to long political experience and impeccable image, there can be a consensus on making Nitish Kumar the convenor.

What will be the role of Nitish Kumar

Senior journalist Luv Kumar Mishra says that the initiative which started from Patna due to the efforts of Nitish Kumar has now reached Bengaluru. That’s why Congress will also try to establish better coordination with regional parties by putting forward Nitish Kumar. At present, Nitish Kumar has tried to tie the opposition unity in a thread by coordinating with the regional party. That’s why Congress would like to solve many problems of many regional parties with the help of Nitish Kumar. For example, in the last meeting, some regional parties had demanded that the Congress pay more attention to those seats where its fight is directly with the BJP. Congress will try to solve this knot with the help of Nitish Kumar and will demand from him that regional parties should allow Congress to play on the front foot.

Why Sonia Gandhi’s presence is important

Political pundits are also considering the presence of Sonia Gandhi in this meeting as important. After the meeting of June 23, the Congress has started feeling that a big front can be formed against the BJP. That’s why Sonia Gandhi will also be present in this meeting from the Congress side. If some problem arises due to Sonia Gandhi’s presence in this meeting, then it can be solved by her stature and experience. Along with this, there are many regional party leaders who do not like the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Such leaders can be handled better by Sonia Gandhi. Congress sources say that Sonia Gandhi can make some big announcement soon, which can be a big message for all the leaders. However, with the help of Sonia Gandhi, the opposition party is trying to find a way out which can form a strong alliance in 2024 and compete with the BJP.

What is the programme?

A dinner has been organized by the Chief Minister of Karnataka for all the opposition parties from 6 pm on 17th July. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee will not be able to attend this banquet. Medical reasons have been given for Mamata Banerjee not attending the opposition dinner. The next day, on July 18, there will be a meeting of opposition leaders from 11 am to 4 pm. In this meeting, a strategy will be made regarding the 2024 elections. It is being said that 6 agenda will be discussed in detail in the meeting.

These can be discussed

1. Setting up a committee for the drafting of the Common Minimum Program for the General Elections 2024 and making necessary communication points for the alliance.

  1. To remove the contradictions between the two parties and to form a sub-committee for the conferences, rallies of the parties.

  2. The matter of seat sharing will be discussed on the basis of the party of the state.

  3. To discuss the issue of EVMs and to suggest reforms for the Election Commission.

  4. To suggest a name for the alliance.

6. Establishing a common secretariat for the proposed alliance


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