Bihar STF launched campaign against illegal cultivation of opium, know why Naxalites grow this crop


Bihar News: Bihar Naxalite STF has launched a campaign against opium cultivation on Sunday. STF has done this to stop the finance flow of Naxalites. The campaign against illegal cultivation of opium has intensified. In order to stop the flow of money to Naxalites in the state, the police have intensified the campaign against illegal cultivation of opium in Gaya, Aurangabad and Jamui districts. A senior police officer has told that the Special Task Force (STF) has launched a comprehensive anti-Naxal operation in collaboration with other security forces. Due to this, the supply of arms has been interrupted and there has been a huge reduction in the number of armed militants in the state.

Secretly received information about cultivation of opium

STF Additional Director General (ADG-Operations) Sushil Mansingh Khopde told that “Now the Bihar Police, in collaboration with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and other departments of the state government, has intensified the campaign against illegal cultivation of opium in Aurangabad and Jamui districts. Is done.” According to the ADG, despite the destruction of opium crop sown on several hundred acres every year by the law enforcers, it has been reported that opium cultivation is being done secretly in some areas of Gaya, Aurangabad and Jamui.

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Opium cultivation banned in India

He said that “It has also been learned that Naxalites are cultivating opium in these areas as a source of income. He has also imposed a ‘tax’ on opium cultivators and small entrepreneurs. Law enforcement agencies had destroyed the opium crop sown in about 600 acres in these areas in 2021 and about 1200 acres in 2022. Cultivation of opium is prohibited in India under section 8 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985.

Close watch on opium cultivation

The ADG has said that “the concerned district police and other agencies have been instructed to keep a close watch on the opium cultivation being done secretly in these selected areas of the district.” Sushil Mansingh Khopde said that the Union Home Ministry has recently excluded six districts of Bihar from the list of Naxalism affected districts and Naxalites in the state are now fighting for their existence. He said that at present only 10 districts in Bihar are included in the list of Naxalism affected districts.

According to Khopde, “The number of districts affected by Naxalism will further decrease in the coming months. There has not been any major Naxal attack in the state till the month of June this year. He has told that “Armed Naxalites are mainly confined to the hills of Chhakarbandha situated on the Gaya-Aurangabad border near Jharkhand and the hilly areas of Jamui and Lakhisarai-Munger. STF and central forces have confined them there. We will soon make these areas also free of Naxalism.

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Crop was destroyed in 46 acres

It may be known that the case of clandestine cultivation of opium in Naxal-affected areas of Gaya and Aurangabad had also come to the fore earlier. About 46 acres of opium crop was destroyed in the month of February 2023 in a special operation by the Bihar Police and Central forces in the forested, hilly and inaccessible areas of Gaya and Aurangabad. The person involved in this named Rajendra Bhokta was also arrested. In the joint operation, a large number of dump arms and ammunition hidden by the Naxalites were also seized.

Farming to keep the economy on track

During that time, ADG Puliya Headquarters had also given information in the case that illegal opium cultivation was being done on about five acres of land in Chhuchhia, Dhabhi and Mahuan, 14 km south-west from Aurangabad’s Dhibra police station. It was destroyed. Please tell that Naxalites earn a lot from the cultivation of opium. It is also illegal to cultivate this fruit. A campaign is launched against this intoxicating crop. Naxalites have adopted the method of cultivating this crop to keep their economy on track in the harsh conditions. In this sequence, the Naxalite STF has launched a campaign to stop its cultivation.


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