Surat: New way of smuggling liquor; Use of fire fighting vehicles and ambulances


Surat Police has exposed yet another modus operandi of liquor smugglers, giving credence to the adage like Dhandha Hai Par Ganda Hai, liquor is being smuggled in fire fighting vehicles and ambulances. Kadodara and Palsana police arrested two people with foreign liquor worth Rs 6 lakh and two have been declared wanted. Not only this, but the police have also seized an ambulance and a fire vehicle, known as emergency vehicles, and are investigating.

Kadodara police said that the entire action was taken on the basis of information. On receiving information about liquor being smuggled in ambulances coming from Maharashtra, the police set up vigil. During the investigation of suspicious looking vehicles, the police recovered liquor worth more than 1 lakh from an ambulance. Investigation revealed that the liquor was procured by a bootlegger. The police have arrested the ambulance driver and declared two people wanted.

On the other hand, Palsana police said that during vehicle checking near Vanesha village, the vehicle of the fire department was found suspicious. On whose search the police found 90 boxes of foreign liquor of different brands worth more than Rs 5 lakh. Which was a shocking incident. At present, investigation is going on in this matter.

The district police said that it is a very serious matter that notorious liquor smugglers have found a new trick to smuggle liquor in ambulances and fire trucks that are used as emergency vehicles. Not only this but some drivers are even playing with their lives for such jobs. At present, the police investigation is going on.


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