Sawan 2023: Gumla’s Vasudev Kona temple is eternal, here Bholenath fulfills every wish


Gumla, Jagarnath Paswan: Southern Chhotanagpur of Jharkhand state is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva. It also includes Gumla district. There are Shiva temples and Shivling in every corner of Gumla. Forest, mountain or flat area. There is Shivling everywhere. Many Shivlings are thousands of years old, while some Shivlings have been found in recent years by digging rivers or land. Tanginath Dham of Dumri block, Anjandham of Gumla block and Rudrapur of Jari block are such villages. Where there are countless Shivling. Many Shivlings are huge. Therefore, the importance of Gumla district increases in the month of Sawan.

The importance of Gumla district increases in the month of Sawan because there are innumerable Shivlings here. Many Shivlings are huge. This is the reason why Dakshin Chhotanagpur is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva.

Vasudev Kona Temple is ancient

Due to being a tribal area, the people of the tribal society here perform Jalabhishek considering Lord Shiva as a deity. Among these, there is Vasudev Kona temple in Raidih block, located 15 km from Gumla. There is an ancient Shiva temple here. When was the temple and Shivling established? There is no proof of this. But, according to the priest of the temple, the Vasudev Kona temple must have been established around the 6th and 7th centuries or before.

The faith of devotees is connected

According to the priest, the structure of the temple. Lord Vishwakarma himself made it. No cement, lime, soil or sand has been used in the temple. The temple has been constructed with stone. Due to being thousands of years old temple, the faith of the devotees is attached to it.

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Wishes asked from the heart are fulfilled

Local people say that the wishes asked from the heart definitely come true. Even Vasudev Kona and the surrounding areas are safe from disaster because of Lord Shiva. However, once the Shivling was stolen. Later Shivling was discovered through the plate. At that time the danger of disaster had increased in the village. That’s why now no one can muster the courage to remove the Shivling from its designated place.

Vasudev Kona Temple is at a distance of three km from Raidih block.

The temple was built stone upon stone in the 6th and 7th centuries.

There is an ancient Shivling inside the temple and Nandi is near the door.

Devotees from the states of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand come here in the month of Sawan.

Lord Nandi is sitting at the door

Lord Shiva is seated inside the temple while Lord Nandi is near the door. Nandi God in stone form is also the center of faith for the people. People definitely worship Nandi after worshiping Shivling. The texture of Nandi is ancient. Nandi is made of stone from ancient times. According to the priest, Nandi himself appeared thousands of years ago near the door of the temple and is seated in the form of a stone.

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Vasudev Kona Temple is older than Tanginath

The priest said that the temple of Vasudev Kona is older than Tanginath Dham. There are many archaeological and historical heritage sites in Tanginath Dham of Dumri block, which are still visible today. The artefacts and carvings here tell the story of Devkal. From which the curtain has not been lifted till date.

Eternal Vasudev Kona Temple

It is said that this temple is eternal. Similarly there is Vasudev Kona temple. Which is eternal and it was created by Lord Vishwakarma. The elephant could not get up when God sat on the back. Apart from Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu also resides in Vasudev Kona. The priest told that the king of Palkot had liked the idol of Lord Vishnu at Vasudev Kona. He sent an elephant to bring the idol. Vasudev reached Kona with the mahout elephant. The idol was made to sit on the back of an elephant. But, after the idol sat on the back of the elephant, the elephant could not stand up. There was a lot of effort. When the elephant could not make the idol sit on its back, the king of Palkot left the idol at Vasudev Kona. Even today this idol is visible in the village.


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