Preparation for Rajgir Malmas fair completed, tourism department is providing this necessary facility to devotees


The tourism department has completed necessary preparations for the Malmas fair which will run from July 18 to August 16 in Rajgir. Tourism Secretary Abhay Kumar Singh said that for the devotees coming to the culturally and religiously very important Malmas fair, arrangements have been made for tent cities made by the German hangar method at three places.

Arrangement of accommodation in the tent city made by German hangar method

A 2000 bedded tent city has been built near the State Guest House. Along with this, there will be arrangement for accommodation for 1000-1000 devotees each in Rajgir railway station premises, Rajgir Brahmakund and Mela police station in the tent city built by German hangar method. Along with changing rooms and bathrooms, male and female toilets and drinking water facilities will also be provided at these places. Control rooms, health camps and cheap roti facilities have also been made available near the above three tent cities.

Health camp and cheap bread facility

Abhay Kumar Singh said that in addition to this, the district administration of Nalanda has constructed a waterproof pandal with accommodation capacity of 500 beds each at Jhunkia Baba, Garh Mahadev, Dhunivar, 300 beds near bus stand and 150 beds near Sainik School. A waterproof pandal has also been made. Health camps and cheap bread will be available at all these places.

CCTV monitoring and lighting arrangements for security

The Tourism Secretary said that before the Malmas Mela, the Saptadhara complex and Brahmakund have been renovated by the department. Arrangements have been made for the devotees to decorate important tourist places and government offices of Rajgir area with tuning bulbs and lighting. For adequate security on various routes of Rajgir city, CCTV monitoring and lighting arrangements will be made. In addition to 48 traffic posts, parking facilities have been constructed at various places in Rajgir for law and order and traffic control.

There will be proper arrangements for entertainment in Malmas Mela of Rajgir, audition for the presentation of artists

Route chart implemented to control the number of vehicles during Malmas Mela period

In view of the large number of vehicles coming to Rajgir on the occasion of Malmas Mela, the district administration has set a new route chart for the vehicles passing through Rajgir. This new route chart will be applicable from July 17 till the Malmas Mela period.

Route chart for vehicles going from Biharsharif to Gaya-

Biharsharif – Hasanpur(Rajgir) – Chabilapur – Sarbahda – Gaya

Gaya – Sarbahda – Chabilapur – Hasanpur(Rajgir) – Biharsharif

Route chart for vehicles going from Bihar Sharif to Gaya (via Giriyak)-

Biharsharif – Giriyak – Kharat Mor – Madhuvan – Pataria – Vanganga – Gaya

Gaya – Vanganga – Patria – Madhuvan – Kharat More – Giriyak – Biharsharif


Route chart for Bihar Sharif to Nawada vehicles –

Biharsharif – Giriyak – Nawada

Nawada – Giriyak – Biharsharif

Bihar Sharif – Hasanpur Mod (Rajgir) – Ordnance Factory Bypass – Giriyak – Nawada

Nawada – Giriyak – Ordnance Factory Bypass – Hasanpur Mod (Rajgir) – Biharsharif


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