life pressure can increase risk of multiple sclerosis understand the signs mkh


Multiple Sclerosis risk: Talking about the common symptoms of multiple sclerosis, vision loss (vision loss)double vision (double vision) walking imbalanceimbalance on walkingweakness in limbsweakness in limbs)urinary problemsurinary problems). In its acute treatment, injections, immunology, insulin (immunology (insulin) and plasma exchange (plasma exchange)is included. On the emergence of these symptoms, immediately consult a neurologist ( neurologist) should be consulted.

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 deficiencies also lead to the development of symptoms.

According to physicians, special care should be taken to maintain this nutrient balance. Hence external supplementation of these vitamins is also advised to maintain its adequacy. A properly balanced diet also prevents the development of metabolic syndrome which can lead to increased disability. Apart from this, increasing the amount of fiber in the diet is useful to avoid constipation. Which is a common problem in people suffering from MS (multiple sclerosis).


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