Karni Sena claims in Aligarh, Jamaatis go to mosques and madrassas, encourage conversions and terrorism


Aligarh : In Aligarh, UP, the senior vice-president of Karni Sena has raised questions on the Jamaat gatherings happening all over the country by making a big allegation about the Jamaat and Jamaatis of the Muslim community. Regarding the Jamaat, he has said that the Jamaats, which take place in every corner of the country, promote religious conversion and terrorism against Sanatan by reaching Madrasas and Mosques.

Due to which the intelligence agencies are keeping a close watch on the gatherings of Jamaatis happening in the country including Aligarh. Karni Sena has demanded the strictest action against the Jamaats. Questions are being raised about the Jamaat when Ghaziabad Police busted the conversion racket on July 8 and Saurabh Khurana alias Abdullah, a 10-year former BDS student of AMU, was described as the mastermind of the conversion racket.

AMU’s BDS student converted 10 years ago

After this, Dr. Nishit Sharma, former spokesperson of BJP and former BDS student of AMU, made a serious allegation on AMU while putting Aligarh Muslim University in the circle of questions. Dr. Nishit said that Jamaati activities go on in the hostels of AMU. Where Jamaat from outside countries comes in AMU and Jamaat also goes to different countries from AMU.

A prayer letter was given by him to the SSP of Aligarh regarding these hoarding activities in AMU hostels. He said that he does not trust the AMU administration. Due to which he has demanded action from the district administration regarding Jamaat activities. At the same time, he gave an application to the SSP regarding the activities of the Jamaat in the hostels of AMU.

The SSP assured him about the action being taken and said that the investigating agencies are taking action. Along with this, he said that after the conversion racket was busted in Ghaziabad on July 8, the mastermind of the conversion racket turned out to be Saurabh, a Hindu student who studied BDS from AMU 10 years ago. Whose conversion was done 10 years ago while living in Hadi Hasan Hostel of AMU. He was named Abdullah after the conversion done in the hostel of AMU. Whereas Hindu student Saurabh has become Abdullah, the mastermind of the conversion racket today.

Jamaatis go to mosques and madrassas as messengers

Due to which Karni Sena’s senior vice-president Gyanendra Singh Chauhan, while strongly attacking the Jamaat, has said that the Jamaats run by the Muslim community, be it Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh or the whole of India, all these places All the Jamaatis come in the Wali Jamaat. Their job is only to raise voice against Sanatan. Same goes for all the activities against Sanatan. They happen in mosques or madrasas.

This is the reason why these Jamaatis go to mosques and madrassas as messengers from place to place and then promote terrorism including conversion. Also, whatever work can be done against Sanatan, they go to the mosques and do it. Karni Sena demands that the Jamaat of the Muslim community should be completely banned in the country. There should be an inquiry into the group of Jamaatis. What kind of message the Jamatis are carrying.

Propagating Islam or promoting terrorism including conversion and love jihad. In such a situation, what do the activities of these Jamaatis do? The intelligence agencies of the country should keep an eye on this. If these Jamatis are found involved in any activities, then the strictest action should be taken against them.

Condemnation of Maulana’s statements

At the same time, the Senior Vice President of Karni Sena has retaliated on the statement of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind Metropolitan President Mohammad Abdul Qasmi marrying a Muslim woman who gives birth to more children. On Maulana’s statement, he said that in Muslim religion, a woman is considered a machine to produce more children, this is the difference between their Islam religion and our Sanatan religion. He said that Muslim religious leaders and Maulana should make statements on UCC after thinking.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM3c4tVp26s)


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