Kanpur: Recognition of three schools that do not give admission in RTI will end, DM gave instructions to BCA


Kanpur : Some school administrators made RTI a joke. The parents are worried and are going round the schools for admission. Despite this, these schools are not giving admission to these children. He was asked for admission many times but he ignores the order every time.

Now action will be taken to withdraw recognition of these schools by giving notice instead of warning. Angered by the working style of the schools, DM Visakh ji Iyer instructed the Additional District Magistrate, Justice Suraj Yadav and BSA Surjit Kumar Singh to withdraw the manta of 3 schools of the city.

In the matter of giving admission in ITI, some private schools are negligent, in such a situation the DM had called a meeting of 24 such schools in the collectorate. The Director or the Principal of the school located at Awas Vikas did not even attend the meeting while the students in their school are not being given admission under RTI. In such a situation, the angry DM took action against the school and asked to send a notice of withdrawal of recognition.

The same Pinnacle National School gave admission to only 8 out of 15 students allotted through first, second and third lottery. While Ganges World School Harjinder Nagar is not giving admission to the students despite allotment of schools in all the three phases. In such a situation, instructions were given to send notices of withdrawal of manta to these two schools as well.

Do not make excuses for income certificate and permission from the board

Some school managers termed the income certificates of the parents as suspicious, then the DM objected and asked you to give admission. The people of the concerned department will take the responsibility of the certificate. Also, don’t make excuses for taking permission from the board. Give priority to students. Some school managers said that the parents of the students are not willing to get admission or they are unable to contact them. In such a situation, the DM was asked by the representative of the concerned ABSA and the school to sit together and contact the parents.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXv_5f34CUI)


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