Surat: For the first time in the season, water revenue in Ukai dam crossed 1 lakh


In the current monsoon season, the conditions of rain are being seen everywhere. After a break of a few days, the rainy season has started again. Following the forecast of the Meteorological Department, moderate rains were recorded in the district including Surat city. Due to heavy rains in upstream, the water flow in Ukai Dam has crossed 1 lakh cusecs. At present, the level of Ukai Dam has reached 312.04 feet with an increase of 1 feet. Yesterday Friday morning the level of Ukai Dam was 311 feet.

Light rain in Surat city

In the last 24 hours, the district including Surat city received light to moderate rainfall ranging from one inch to four inches on an average. In which highest 112 mm i.e. four inches of rain has been recorded in Palsana, three inches in Surat city, two inches in Umarpada. Except Olpad, all tehsils received light rain. Even today it is raining lightly.

Upstream rains increased water income in Ukai dam

Light to moderate rainfall was recorded at 6 gauge stations upstream of Ukai Dam. Out of which Ukai, Chopdavav recorded one inch, Taloda and Akkalkuwa three inches, Nawatha one inch and Dedtalai half an inch of rain. Whose water is overflowing in the small check demo located on the Tapi river in the upper area.

Ukai dam’s water level increased by one foot in a day

The rain water recorded in the upstream of Ukai and the water released by opening eight gates of Hathnur dam is coming into Ukai dam. Due to which the income in Ukai Dam has increased. Today, the inflow of water in Ukai Dam has increased to 1 lakh 2 thousand 523 cusecs and the discharge has increased to 600 cusecs. The level of the dam has been recorded at 312.04 feet. Due to heavy rains and inflow of water, the level of Ukai Dam has increased by one feet in a day.


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