mother meet sanjeev singh seeing condition of son she shed tears said we are capable of getting treatment unk | Dhanbad: Mother reached to meet Sanjeev Singh, tears spilled after seeing the condition of the son, said


No arrangement for treatment in Dhanbad, still not being sent out

Sanjeev Singh’s wife co-BJP state working committee member Ragini Singh said that there is no arrangement for her husband’s treatment in Dhanbad. Doctors of SNMMCH have also advised to take Sanjeev Singh out for better treatment. Still, under the pressure of the government, they are not being sent out. Said that earlier when Sanjeev’s health had deteriorated. Even during that time, under the pressure of the government, he was not sent out for better treatment. Said that he has full faith in the judiciary. He hoped that the court would allow Sanjeev to be taken out for better treatment. District General Secretary Nitin Bhatt, Vice President Manas Prasun, Sanjay Jha, Umesh Yadav, District Media Incharge Milton Partha Sarathi, senior leader Akhilesh Singh etc were present on the occasion.


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