International cyber criminal arrested in Bihar, police probing Salman Ali’s Dubai connection


Gopalganj. Delhi Police raided with Gopalganj police and arrested cyber criminals. The arrested cyber handler has been identified as Salman Ali, son of Mujibul Rehman of Sandali village under Barauli police station area. The police have seized 30 SIM cards of different companies, 18 debit cards of different banks, 10 expensive mobiles, two laptops, routers, passports and other objectionable items from it.

Cyber ​​branch of Delhi Police had received secret information

SP Swarna Prabhat told that cyber branch of North Delhi had received secret information that the person giving training to cyber criminals is hidden in Gopalganj. After this Gopalganj police along with Delhi police raided Sandali village of Barauli police station. During the raid, Salman Ali was arrested from his house. The SP said that he used to train cyber criminals. Used to ask for money through cyber fraud and send it to Dubai.

Delhi Police taken on transit remand

After the arrest of the international cyber handler, it was handed over to the Delhi Police on Friday. Delhi Police took her on transit remand from the court and took her to Delhi. Two passbooks have been found from the arrested Salman Ali, in which transactions worth lakhs have been revealed. Police is investigating and conducting raids to arrest other gang members. On the other hand, after the arrest of the cyber handler, SP Swarna Prabhat has formed a SIT under the leadership of Sadar SDPO Pranjal to arrest the members associated with his gang.

Police probing handler’s Dubai connection

Delhi and local police have got many important clues after the arrest of Salman Ali, the handler who trained cyber criminals. The handler had a connection to Dubai. Used to transact the money collected from cyber fraud. The police is probing the connection of the seized SIM cards with Dubai, Pakistan and other countries. Delhi Police is probing the objectionable items found from the house of Salman Ali, son of Mujibul Rehman, a resident of Sandali village under Barauli police station.

Call details being investigated

The call details and CDR of the SIM card in the hands of the Delhi Police are being extracted and scrutinised. Along with this, the records of the banks whose passbooks and debit cards have been found are being scrutinised. Delhi Police is investigating how the expensive Apple mobiles were kept with them. How did the handler use so many mobile phones, SIM cards, debit cards alone. Two laptops have been found, who used to operate it. Information is being collected about the number of times the cyber handler has gone abroad, which countries he has visited. The police is probing all these points in which state’s cyber criminals have been trained by the arrested handler Salman Ali.

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Many things recovered from the spot

Sadar SDPO Pranjal told that Gopalganj police along with Delhi Police raided, 18 debit cards of different banks were found, two passbooks, passport, internet router, two Apple company mobiles and 10 Android sets were seized. He told that to escape from the police, internet data was being used by connecting to other’s WiFi internet. The internet router has also been seized.

Raids going on in UP

Sources say that after the arrest of the cyber handler, the Delhi Police is conducting raids at Deoria and other places in UP. Police of Cyber ​​Branch is conducting raids in a secret manner. In the police raid, rapid raids are going on in search of gang members.



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