India and France resolve to create a balanced system in the Indo-Pacific region


Bilateral talks took place between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron. After which both the countries released the draft of ‘India-France Indo-Pacific Framework’. India and France believe in the existence of a free, open, inclusive and secure Indo-Pacific region and resolve to establish a balanced and stable order in this strategic region in accordance with international law, while respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity. The draft of this framework states that India and France are strategically important ‘Resident Powers’ (resident powers) and are major partners with significant stake in the Indo-Pacific region.

Our cooperation focused on safeguarding security interests

The ‘India-France Indo-Pacific Framework’ has been released at a time when China’s aggression in this strategic region is increasing continuously. Both countries said in this joint statement, “Our cooperation is focused on protecting our own economic and security interests. Its mission is to ensure shared global and free access to the Indo-Pacific region, to build a partnership of prosperity and stability in the region, to advance the rule of international law, to uphold sovereignty and territorial integrity, while working with others in the region and beyond Respecting this, a balanced and stable system has to be built in the region.

will continue to deepen exchanges

According to the India-France joint statement, Prime Minister Modi’s vision of ‘SAGAR’ (Security and Growth for All in the Region) and President Macron’s vision of security and cooperation outlined in France’s Indo-Pacific strategy match to a great extent. “Our cooperation is wide-ranging and includes defence, security, economic, connectivity, infrastructure, stability and human-centred development,” the two countries said. Our bilateral cooperation advances our mutual security and supports peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. Our cooperation extends from the ocean floor to space. We will continue to deepen our exchanges, cooperate on situational awareness, enhance maritime cooperation across the region.

India and France emphasized on this

Both countries also resolved to enhance their naval cooperation and develop defense industrial capabilities in India and jointly support the needs of other countries. India and France emphasized that they will continue to work together to enhance cooperation for development in countries in the Indo-Pacific region, including Africa, the Indian Ocean region, South Asia, South-East Asia and the Pacific region.

Work towards furthering the friendship between the two countries – PM Modi

PM Modi addressed the India-France CEO Forum with French President Emmanuel Macron. In his address, PM Modi said, “We are celebrating the completion of 25 years of strategic partnership. Business leaders have played a big role in this journey.” He appealed to the business leaders of India and France to work towards furthering the friendship between the two countries. The PM said that the business giants of both the countries have contributed a lot in strengthening bilateral relations.

India and France complete 25 years of strategic partnership

“I want you to work to accelerate and strengthen this great journey of the two countries,” PM Modi said, pledging full support from the Indian and French leadership in his endeavour. He also said that India and France have completed 25 years of strategic partnership and business giants of both the countries have played a big role in this long journey.

Defense cooperation a strong pillar of Indo-French relations – PM ModiPM Modi, who arrived in France on his two-day official visit, was warmly welcomed by French President Emmanuel Macron at his official residence Elysee Palace, after which the two leaders also issued a joint statement. PM Modi said in a joint press conference with President Macron that India and France are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the strategic partnership. We are preparing the roadmap for the next 25 years.


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