In Bihar, now doctors will give advice to animal parents through mobile, 1333 veterinary officers will get mobile


Manoj Kumar, Patna. A total of 1333 veterinary officers of Bihar will be given mobile phones by the Animal and Fisheries Resources Department. From this mobile the veterinary officer will give medical advice to the animal parents. Closed User Group SIM card will also be available with the mobile. This sim card will be permanent.

Number will not change even on transfer

The number will not change even if the veterinarians are transferred or move away from the designated area due to any reason. In case of transfer and other situation, the veterinary officer will hand over the SIM card to the new officer. On retirement, you will have to hand over your mobile and SIM to your Controlling Officer.

Fisheries Resources Department approved Rs 1.99 crore

For this, Rs 1.99 crore has been approved by the Fisheries Resources Department on Friday. An animal husbandry officer can buy a mobile of maximum 15 thousand rupees. Earlier, veterinary officers get two hundred rupees for recharge coupons. They will use this two hundred rupees to recharge this SIM. This scheme will be implemented under seven decisions-2.

Monitoring of medicine and treatment will be done from this mobile

Veterinarians have to keep in touch with animal parents regarding animal treatment, castration, artificial insemination etc. At present, veterinarians do all these tasks from personal mobiles. Due to his transfer or deputation, cattle rearers had to face difficulty in getting the number of the new office bearer. By not changing the mobile number, this problem will end. Medicine storage and treatment will also be monitored from this mobile.

Every person in Bihar is drinking 400 grams of milk daily, sales of milk increased to 1.41 lakh liters per day

3.64 crore cattle and 1.65 crore poultry in the state

There are 3.64 crore cattle and 1.65 crore poultry in the state. Of these, there are 1.54 crore cows, 77.19 buffaloes, 1.28 goats, 3.43 pigs, 32.17 thousand horses, 1.49 thousand mules, 11.26 thousand donkeys, 2.13 lakh sheep and only 88 camels. The responsibility of treating all these is on the veterinary officers.



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