Frog found with khichdi in mid day meal in Madhubani, villagers create ruckus, DPO will investigate


It has now become common to find insects, spiders, lizards etc. in the mid-day meal served to the children in government schools of Bihar. Often, many children also fall ill due to not taking care of cleanliness in the mid-day meal. Once again, such negligence has been seen in a government school in the state. This time a frog has been found in the mid-day meal of a school in Madhubani district. As soon as this information was received, hundreds of villagers who reached the spot created a lot of uproar.

Frog found instead of chokha with khichdi

In fact, after a frog was found in the mid-day meal at Sheikh Toli, an upgraded Plus Two High School in Ward No. 16 of Madhubani Municipal Corporation, there was chaos in the school on Saturday. It is being told that food was served in the school like every day. The students started eating food. Meanwhile, a dead frog was also found in a student’s plate along with khichdi. After which there was chaos among the students. Some students had even eaten the mid-day meal. On hearing the news of frog being found in the mid-day meal, a crowd of hundreds of villagers gathered in the school premises.

Photograph of frog in midday meal went viral on social media

In this case, the villagers say that according to the fixed menu of the mid-day meal, khichdi was made for the children on Saturday. Khichdi was being served to children to eat, while a frog was also found along with Khichdi in a child’s plate. Seeing this, there was chaos among the children and they started making noise. Meanwhile, when the villagers came to know about this, they reached the spot. Where he created a ruckus and made the photo of the midday meal with the frog viral on social media.

no child got sick

Some children had even eaten the food before they came to know about the presence of frogs in the mid-day meal. However, during this time it was a matter of relief that no child got sick in this incident. The villagers present on the spot said that this scheme was started by the government to increase the attendance of children in schools. But due to complaints coming from somewhere or the other regarding the mid-day meal, this effort of the government seems to be failing.

DPO ordered to investigate the matter

The officials of the education department were also informed about frogs being found in the mid-day meal. As soon as the information was received, many officials of the education department, Rajnagar block, reached the school on the spot. This information was also given to Shakti Foundation. Let us inform that mid-day meal is being provided in this school by Shakti Foundation. After the information, the District Education Officer ordered the DPO of Mid Day Meal to investigate the matter.

what do the officers say

In the matter, District Education Officer Javed Alam has told that the matter is serious. It will be investigated. Action will definitely be taken against the guilty. Here, DPO Madhyahna Shubham Kasaudhan has said that all the parties have been directed to give clarification to identify the culprit of the case. The case is being investigated. Strict action will be taken if found guilty.

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Worm was found in mid-day meal of Bhojpur school

Here, on July 5, students of the school started creating ruckus by refusing to eat food after a worm was found in the mid-day meal brought for the students at Kamariyaon Panchayat located in Bihiya block of Bhojpur district. Panchayat chief representative Surendra Yadav and Panchayat committee member co-JDU block president Lal Bahadur Mahato reached the spot after getting information about the matter. After investigation, both said that the mid-day meal was not fit for consumption and said that the food brought by the concerned NGO is of very poor quality, which can make the children ill. On the other hand, the in-charge headmaster had sent a letter to the district education officer regarding the matter, demanding action against the mid-day meal supplier.



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